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you lay them down and you stand them up, you're going to see a fading blood pressure, usually under 100 over 60. Now, everyone thinks, That's a great blood pressure. It's horrible. It's NOT a normal blood pressure. They are much more symptomatic. They've got gastrointestinal problems because of stasis, they get dizziness, they get the heart rate jumps usually from the 60's or 70's up to 90 to 100. It means whenever they're standing up, their heart's working like crazy because their blood vessels are not compensating and they're wide open. The heart's working that hard just to pump blood around through a vascular system and wears them out. If you talk to most of your chronic fatigue people, if they could lay down all day they'd be happy. They could roll around on litters, you know?

DR.: What formulas are you finding to help that?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Well, I'm seeing--and I wish you guys would look for this--I'm seeing in the majority of cases that there is a longstanding underlying streptococcus neurotoxin relationship. That there is a history of chronic strep infections, either ear, sinus, throat, gastrointestinal, bronchitis, you name it. The byproducts of streptoccus are extremely neurotoxic, and neuro-paralytic, I would say. They really block the nervous system control. So I always look for strep in these guys. What we use to stabilize the blood pressure in the Subtle Energies what we use almost always is Stress Relief or Foundation, or a combination of those, and now the Indium, because the Indium is a re-regulator for the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland. That's just a new thing that we've been working with and some of you know about it, some of you don't. But they need that energy for re-regulation. Foundation is more for cellular exchange of ions and information, the Stress Relief, of course, works a very broad spectrum across the nervous system to help with re-regulation.

DR. DAVIS: Would the Tranquility be more of a chronic respecting in reference to Stress Relief, in an older patient or something with a problem much longer?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Yes. And, of course, very often one of the three immune systems: Acute Immune, Immune System, or Thymus. And that's going to bring us back around to the combination concept. If this person has neurological disturbance, an incompetent or an-ergic immune system--if it is an-ergic, then what are we needing to do? The answer to that is to first put in energy. OK? Before we do drainage, before we do nosode therapy, before we do iso-therapy, nutrition, or anything else. We must have the energy to utilize all this stuff.

DR. TRAN: You mentioned about Thymus formula. In an older animal when the thymus gland is atrophied, would you still use Thymus?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Yes. Absolutely. And you do get a thymic response. That's what's really amazing. Because the body recognizes the energy of that gland. It recognizes and utilizes elsewhere in the immune system the energy. And where was that when I digressed talking about the an-ergic response toward a microorganism--that the Thymus or Acute Immune or Immune formulas will provide energy for--is that we can

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