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use three or four of the solutions at the same time if that's what the body needs. If that's what that person needs--if they need nervous system energy and immune system energy, and cellular energy, then use it all. And give them plenty of it.

DR.: Do you mix them all together, all in one glass of water?

DR. MARRONGELLE: You know, we've seen with the blends--because we've done blends--they do like homeopathy, or complex homeopathy, whatever, the one doesn't affect the other. They can be blended together. If it is a chronic case, I will use small doses of all of those very frequently. Now this gentleman, I had him doing five drops every two hours, which is going to give him six or eight doses a day.

DR. DAVIS: You're back to the Parkinson's guy?

DR. MARRONGELLE: The Parkinson's guy. Someone with chronic fatigue, postural hypotonia, etc., if they need Acute Immune support, Stress Relief, Thymus and Foundation, I'll give them three drops of each one maybe three or four times a day. They are more synergistic. The more formulas you use, the more synergistic response you get with the energies.

DR. DAVIS: So each energy is a specific energy pattern?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Oh, yes they are. Absolutely.

DR. DAVIS: So it's not multiple patterns in a remedy like Stress Relief. It is a single...

CONSTANCE: I can answer that. Yes it is a single pattern. There are a few of the remedies that are multiple, but that's what makes them what they are.  Anyone who's interested in knowing which ones have the multiples in it, I'll be happy to let you know after the call.

DR. DAVIS: So using old technology, like if you were just using an electromagnetic field, like a Rife technology of specific frequency for a specific condition, then what you'd have like with the Strep is like 770 Rife's Frequency rate, but then Staph maybe 880. And if you combined the two frequencies because they are so uniquely different in wave pattern, you can still use them in the same therapy.

DR. MARRONGELL: Absolutely.

DR. DAVIS: So is this a similar kind of phenomena?

DR. MARRONGELLE: Yes. Absolutely correct.

DR. TRAN: Relying on Jeff's experience, I also use a combination of anywhere from two to four formulas in addressing animal disease conditions, and I have had very good success with that.

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