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DR. MARRONGELLE: Well, how many of you have used multiple formulas on the same patient?

DR. DAVIS: Chronic fatigue and in a very debilitated cancer patient.

DR. MARRONGELLE: When I first wrote some of the early information, I still believe in the old "first do no harm" concept, which has really been lost in medicine today. It's "first do something," you know, make sure it's a big-time intervention. So I wrote my instructions almost a year ago to be very conservative based on my clinical experience at that time. I was saying most people respond real favorably to one or two. Three is the most that I usually see somebody use at a similar time. My thoughts have changed pretty radically on that to saying, You know, in this particular instance, you can't get too much of a good thing, because they affect so many different aspects of our energy system, and restore flow to the yin and yang in the body--whatever we want to call it. From what I've found--and I'm going to share something that I found just in the last week or two in doing laser therapy and ortho-sonic high-frequency sound wave therapy--is that if you have congestion, inflammation, whatever, of a chakra area--let's just talk about energy now--which all correspond to a major nerve plexii in the body--so if you want to go physiologic, OK, it's that nerve plexus. If you want to go Chinese model, it's the chakra, you know, energy centers--whatever we want to call them. Here's what I've observed and here's what we've all observed: If one is hyper-ergic dealing with an issue, whether physical, psychological, emotional, whatever--and another one is balancing it by being hypo-ergic--by having low energy--if one has a lot of energy, one has low energy, because it's a closed energetic system. Are we in agreement on this? Are we seeing--have we seen this, is what I'm saying here.

DR. DAVIS: Sure.

DR. MARRONGELLE: We can give a remedy that influences the thymus and have a very positive result in the prostate/genital area in the base chakra. Or we can give something that affects--like Stress Relief or Indium that affects the pituitary/hypothalamus--and have a tremendous relief to where we would normally use Golden Warmer for the gastrointestinal organs. We may give both together. What I've been doing with laser therapy and high-frequency sound therapy is following the flow of rotation of all those energy centers from the right side of the head and brain, down the right side of the body to the inguinal area, making a U-turn at the pubic area, coming up the left side, inguinal, up over the spleen, the left side of the heart and back up around, just like a racetrack--like an oval racetrack over the body. Of course, with the high-frequency sound wave, I can get a feedback from that which I don't want to get into explaining that technology, I just wanted to tell you that say we hit over the gall bladder, and I find that there's an extreme amount of oxidative stress there, and there's a lot of feedback from the high-frequency sound waves the first time around. And that may also affect the spleen when I come up the left side. And then when I come around the forehead, it will be over the right and left side of the brain at the glabellas, or right at the center of the forehead over the glabellas or the pituitary point and up over the governing vessel over the top of

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