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the skull. When I make a second lap doing one of the energy therapies, it will move along that track somewhere and disperse. And by the third lap that we make around there, balancing that energy, there'll be homogenous energy flow. Now, we can access that--you can go back from this call, and start checking down along that area. If you're doing muscle test and you have them contact right forehead, the right cheek, the right side of the throat, sub-clavicular right under the right breast, over the liver/gall bladder, the inguinal area, you're going to find a blockage there that's going to make them go weak on ART or with a kinesiology test. Follow the circuit and see which of the energy formulas you need to put in circuit. So maybe they need five drops of Stress Relief for their head, but they need 20 drops of Golden Warmer for the gastrointestinal organs. This concept is going to really open some doors for you, because it holds the correction. It holds the nutritional correction, the anti-toxic correction; it holds the iso-correction or the drainage correction because now the flow of energy through all the meridians and all the chakras has been balanced and re-circulated. It's a really incredible concept that I'd like to see from you guys in practices a lot to grab those concepts. If you do see this same thing when you get back and start looking at this way. Is that valuable?

GROUP: Yeah!

DR. MARRONGELLE: Is it helpful in the utilization of the Subtle Energies?

GROUP: Oh, yeah.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Because each one is to influence one or more of these energy areas. It helps you with dosage, it helps you with reorganization of energy in the body, and if we truly believe in and understand energy medicine, then providing the energy and then reorganizing it by physical methods, whatever tools we use in a consistent way is going to give us consistent results from practitioner to practitioner, and we're going to see more miracles. We're all on this call because we're out on the edge already. We're all here because we didn't pull over and park intellectually in our practice, in our thought processes. That's what's important. This is like a little mastermind group because we're creative, we're inquisitive, we don't take things at face value. I don't want you to take anything I say at face value. Your thoughts are just as valuable, if not more valuable than mine. We just want to see that we observe the same thing.

DR.: What's interesting, Jeff, is what we've been doing for awhile is just using the unipolar magnet--the north and south pole--and just checking down the chakra points like that and finding which ones respond, which one weakens. If it's north pole, you treat it with south. And, of course, I'm using a magnetic field by Ludwig that actually does this with color therapy. So it's kind of similar to what you're doing. That's how I'm finding what points to test the Subtle Energies in nutrition, homeopathy and everything.

DR. MARRONGELLE: That's interesting, because what happens so often with those of us that do this kind of work, is that we arrive at the same conclusions from different methods, or different angles.

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