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DR.: When I use the magnet, either north or south poles, it takes out the idea of thought process in muscle testing.


DR.: In other words, I'm picking up whether the north pole would be a hypoactive area and south pole the overactive, and just treat it with the opposite pole. Of course, I use the color therapy unit that Ludwig has or the Medisend [http://magnetotherapy.de/Produkte/E_Kleingeraete/E_Medisend.htm]. It's super, and it's just been phenomenal. That with the laser and the products, instead of testing the natural E of E points, or going through all the alarm points in acupuncture, it's so quicker. It's so much quicker.

DR. MARRONGELLE: That's a good point. That's great. What are the rest of you seeing here? I want to hear some feedback on what you're experiencing and how you are utilizing these products.

DR. DAVIS: I'm quite impressed with the immediate effect, particularly with insomniacs having the Stress Relief, plus using 14 or 15 different remedies. It's been very interesting that this whole thing of the loss of energy is an energetic phenomenon. It's not a biochemical phenomena--of course, biochemistry's failed. But it's a different phenomenon with these chronic fatigue/fibromyalgia patients, as well as those who have succumbed to cancer for whatever reason. And the phenomenon there is that in the persistent quest for energy--and that's what the patients are always looking for--that's their first chronic symptom--and then they'll disappear as a patient when their energies come up, whichever way we happen to be connected. What I'm finding very fascinating is that I started doing something last week where I'm using some of the Revive in the morning with some of these chronic fatiguers, and we're trying to match their circadian rhythms--trying to re-track them. What we're finding is a little better bump in their blood pressure regulation as far as when they stand up and that hypotension phenomenon, dizzy, disorientation, sluggish and they lose energy quickly. What we're finding is an encroaching adrenal failure phenomenon, with the energetics of Revive and even Rejuvenation. We started using that and both of them together with some of these more difficult cases. We've started to see some real dramatic changes in them. I don't have enough numbers yet to be real authoritative, but at this point I'm real encouraged with what I see.

DR. MARRONGELLE: Well, we all have trouble with those cases. You're obviously seeing that hypotonia phenomenon.

DR. DAVIS: Always.

DR. MARRONGELLE: I mean it's always there. So anything that we can do that will correct that, that is in and of itself a component--the hugest component of the disease state.  I don't think they can be stable or even have enough energy to get well until that mechanism is restored in the body.

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