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always kept silent as well. Then, the Teacher asks to the group to disperse without leaving the room, for silently complement the story, each one by him (her) self. When ready, each child at a time should come very close to the Teacher and whisper one’s own complementation at the Teacher’s ears. The Teacher takes notes while listening the complementations. After listening all complementations, the children were asked to return to their sits around the table and loudly report each own story complementation. The teacher’s notes assured the fidelity of the complementation. Following all complementation reports the teacher must entrained a discussions pointing the ethics principles of beneficence, nom-maleficence and justice.

This same methodology was used for Stories 2 and 3.

Story 2 – Once upon a time, in a far-way place behind the moon, there was a planet name Lemon. In the Lemon Planet every inhabitant were green-lemon color. There were many scientists in that planet very curious to know how should be the people living in another planet named Terra. Thus, a couple of scientists named Mr. and Mrs. Lima were in a mission to visit the Terra planet and had decided to bring their boy named Citrus in that adventure mission. Citrus was truly happy by this exciting opportunity. After many days traveling across the universe, Citrus finally saw a small bleu planet. The landing was fine and Citrus was allowed by his parents to leave the nave for playing around it. So many new things never seen before fascinated Citrus. Suddenly he head voices... children voices... Looking around he saw a group of children... children of his own size. The children also saw the boy. Citrus body was green. His arms and legs were long and he had two funny anthems on the top of his head. A girl named Amanda did not care for Citrus funny body and rapidly became his friend. Amanda’s friends did not approved this friendship and imposed to her not to come back to see Citrus next day. If Amanda insists in returning for seeing Citrus she would loose their friendship; impose Amanda’s friends.

Story 3- In Sempre Viva village, behind the main streets, there was an open area with a large and beautiful tree. The children usually get together in that area for several types of playing including the swinging from one of the tree branches. Bianca and Vanessa were good friends and used to get together for swinging. However, they both noted that one of the ropes of the swing was about to rupture causing a bad accident. They were leaving the place when noticed that a estrange boy, wearing very poor clothes jumped on the swing and began to swinging himself higher and higher.


A total of 26 school children aged 8 to 15 years, 50% from a public and 50% from a private schools (Instituto de Educação Gastão Guimarães and Colégio Padre Ovidio, respectively), were studied. The complementations created by the children were consistently directed to solve the moral conflict, and always enriched by others happenings, which make the narratives more attractive. By examining our notes from every narrative we identified the outstanding points of moral relevance. A synthesis of these points from 24 children in respect to Story 1 are in Table 1.

Table 1- Outstanding children’s points from complementations of Story 1.

Outstanding points

Children          N=24

Peter gives his new coat to Isabelle

17       70.8%

Peter does not give his new coat but would lend to Isabelle another of his other coats.

6        25.0%

Peter do not gives his new coat

1        4.2%

Main additional comments made by the children about Story 1:


Peter will give more care to Isabelle such as taking her to his home for a good bath, food and clean clothes.


Peter believes in the importance of helping others especially in the situation of a child in the cold night.


Before giving the new coat Peter should go home and get another coat for himself.


Isabelle would be so happy by Peter’s donation that would invite him for, together, enjoying the party.


Peter would think that giving his the new coat would be an act of kindness to a child, imagining that he could be the one in the place of Isabelle

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