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644Challenges for Bioethics from Asia


Peter believes that the world would never changes for better if people remain selfish without love, education and understanding.


Some others Peter’s friends would also desire to have a new coat and ask Peter’s help. However, Peter would be smart enough to know who really needs his coats.

Twenty-four children composed that group and complemented Story 2. Table 2 summarizes the main results.

Table 2 – Outstanding children points from the complementations of Story 2.

Outstanding points

Children    N   %

Amanda will keep Citrus friendship seeing him next day.

13   54.2%

Amanda will keep Citrus friendship in secret, seeing him next day, without telling her friends.

7   29.2%

Amanda will not keep Citrus friendship just because he will return to his planet and her will be without friends.

4    16.6%

Main additional comments made by the children regarding Story 2.


Amanda understands that her friends avoid Citrus because he is not like us; he is not beautiful; he is green. It is a mistake to give so much   importance to One’s physical appearance. Citrus was a friend, any way.


Amanda should send someone to explains to Cyprus why she could not become his friend. He is different.


Amanda understands that if her friends abandon her because of Citrus; her friends are not good friends.


It is important to treat the visitors well and to make new friends. Citrus, also, did not care for her being so different from him and accept her friendship, so will do her…


Amanda must talk to her friends trying to make then sensible to Citrus loneness over here.


Amanda will be glad to leave her friends just because she discovered that they are racist.


Citrus would understand Amanda’s conflict and would ask her to prefer her friends in place of him. Amanda would not listen to Citrus suggestion.


Amanda will keep Citrus friendship even in the circumstance of being criticized by her friends due to Citrus physical aspect.


Amanda should try to convince Citrus that he is different, he is green and from another planet, so she could not be his friend.

Twenty-six children complemented Story 3. All 26 children would tell the estrange and poor boy about the risk of falling down. Only one of the children said that she would tell loudly at a distance, not getting close to the boy. Main comments made by the children regarding Story 3.


Vanessa and Bianca would tell the boy because in case of an accident no one would be helping him due his bad clothes.


Vanessa, Bianca and the boy would become good friends.


Vanessa and Bianca would not be afraid of the boy. Both would be very glad in getting good clothes for him.


The boy would become very sad by knowing that he had to stop his swinging up and down.


The boy would not believe in the two girls advice understanding that both want to let him out and get the swing only for then.


Vanessa and Bianca would conclude that the kind of clothes is not important because is outside, the boy could be a nice boy inside.


The outstanding point about the method was the great enthusiasm of the children about it. They were always prompt to listen another story plus the suggestion of increasing the group by inviting others children. Thus, from a pedagogical point of view the children enthusiasm is fundamental for learning efficiency.

None child failure to construct the complementation. Curiously, without loosing the main moral point of each story, all complementation were full of creative details.  Thus, the method is

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