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Miller: How were the study groups selected? How were the evaluations made?

Rodriguez: We evaluated a one semester class. And the criterion we used was based on punctuality, discipline, behavior and study habits.

Miller: Which group did the children come from?

Rodriguez: From the experimental group.

Macer: You compared using chi-square things such as class participation, punctuality and so on.

Wang: I don’t know the real situation of students in your country regarding problems with teenagers. How does your class in bioethics try to solve such problems? How do you connect your class with real life problems? Are people interested about this?

Rodriguez: This class was done for five hours a week. This class tried to relate with the actual problems faced by Mexican teenagers.  For example in my province, there are a lot of high school drop-outs due to risky behavior. And this class tried to address problems such as this which encouraged students to be interested in the class.

Aksoy: You said that this was a technical high school. What kind of high school? Electrical? Mechanical? What was the special purpose that you choose this technical high school?

Rodriguez:  We used the principle of deductive technique of dialogical discussion in our classes.

Macer: Thank you. The reason why is because Marcela teaches at this high school.

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