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Bioethics Education579

was reported from Tongji Hospital, Wuhan). There was also discussion of the Hairuo Liu case, a famous anchorman of phoenix TV set. Brain death legislation in China was discussed with questions on the future in China.

Feedback from the students included that the class was Interesting; Clear; Helpful; Discussed the topic with families; Do not spend much time on English words; Time limited the further discussion. Suggestions were made that:

1 The teaching material should be  nationalized to suit different culture and different students.

2 It`s necessary to supply some relative knowledge which is not presented in the book, before the students` discussion.

3 Some audio or video materials or pictures, stories , especially domestic news, cases and caricature related the topic can also be added to enrich the students` discussion.

4 Arrangement a students` show in class may help students to understand the ethic dilemma furthermore  and arouse their interest to participate the class.  

Since high school students have their individual personalities, which are different from university students and medicine workers, some teaching skills should be taken into consideration. Firstly, lack of some background knowledge may be a big barrier to deep thinking and discussion, such as the structure of brain when we discuss brain death. So it’s necessary to supply some relative knowledge before carrying out student discussion. Secondly, since high school students are better at concrete thinking than abstract thinking, and bioethics is still a new field to them; some audio or video materials, pictures, and stories are necessary. The use of a student play as a form of pedagogy to represent the situation in class proved to be a good method in teaching about brain death teaching. This helped students to feel more in touch with the dilemma in that case and to arouse their interest in class participation. Furthermore, some domestic news, cases and caricature related to the topic in different countries and different cultures could also be added to enrich the students’ discussion.


Bagheri: Thank you for teaching this subject. When I wrote these two chapters, I had children as my target group.  I used narrative form as a way for children to learn more and very easily.  Through the story of these two families, I hope to help children imagine the situation and to get interested to follow up on the technical terms and other academic subjects.  I think that the educational method should be different depending on the target group.

Li: Thank you

Wang: I would just like to ask about the schedule of your classes.

Li: Each class was held for 80 minutes.  It was taught to first year students.  All the biology teachers participated in this course. We taught one to two topics. In my case, I taught brain death and truth telling.  As for the whole schedule, this will be presented by our leader Jing Zhuo this afternoon.

Leavitt: Does anybody know anything about the psychological effect of introducing death to children in an educational atmosphere? What I mean is that children, I hope, are mostly happy and don’t think about death until at some stage wherein someone in the family or someone they know dies. And I think it is a traumatic experience. Maybe introducing topics such as brain death makes them stronger when they encounter death in a natural environment or maybe it isn’t. This is of course hypothetical. Maybe it will cause fantasies, nightmares and fears-I don’t know. And if we do something like this, by introducing death at such a young age, we are taking on a tremendous responsibility. I would like very much to see or to hear, if anybody knows, based on evidence whether this is a good thing or a bad thing.

Li: I agree with you on some points. I think we pay more attention to the course. I think that the experience of the children is more important than the result. And I agree with the view of Irina that the earlier the better.

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