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discuss, analyze and form conclusions by themselves. Students solved some problems and recognized their responsibilities. They said that they were willing to share their feelings with families. And some of them still wanted to know more. I asked them to read Animal Liberation by Peter Singer and Strolling With Our Kin Speaking For And Respecting Voiceless Animals by Marc Bekoff as study materials.

Here, I want to thank Doctor Darryl Macer for offering us excellent teaching materials to help students from sensitive recognition to theoretical recognition. Because of time limit, I haven’t discussed everything with my students about the book, but the most important thing is that students have learned the way to know about the problem, and we will have many more to discuss with more students in the biology classes. I hope that we will have a chance to share our discussions and results.


Gupta: Congratulations for doing a good work in your country. I would just like to request you to add a very important group that has become globally endangered because of mass slaughter in the Chinese market- turtles. Turtles. Can you include this in your discussion with students?

Su: Due to time constraints, he wasn’t able to show all of the animals that he included in his classes.

Sivakami: In India we also have problems with use of animals. Some people eat animals. Some people use them as medicine. There is a ban in India in veterinary colleges against the use of animals for study. There is a law for this.

Lei Li in Chinese, Su translates: The sale of some animal species have been prohibited in the Chinese market. But there are some illegal products.

Xiao Wei: As you know animal products are used in Chinese medicine at the same time we want to protect animal rights. So how do you find a balance between the two?

Lei Li in Chinese, Su translates: Along with the advancement of technology comes the advancement of Medical technology as well. There are some institutes that are engaged in studying about that.

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