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to determine predisposition to disease has given rise to concerns about discrimination in employment. Employers have strong economic incentives to hire and retain workers who are likely to remain healthy in the belief that such workers would exhibit less absenteeism .

The fourth: insurance: With the development of the industry, the air is seriously polluted. And more and more people lived in bad conditions. I show pictures with the lungs of a patient and the lungs of a healthy person.

Discrimination in life insurance: Life insurance applications generally require individuals to disclose information about themselves, their health and their lifestyles as a condition of obtaining coverage. Some life insurers have asked individuals to take genetic tests in order to determine whether they are predisposed to diseases that could make them greater risks. Because of the uncertain connection between genetic predisposition and the eventual development of disease in any specific individual, life insurers agreed to a voluntary five-year moratorium on genetic testing with the exception of the test for Huntington’s Disease on policies that would pay out more than 500,000 Pounds.

The significance of this subject

We teach genetic privacy and information as an elective course. The goal of this course is for students to learn not only the basics of genetics but also to be updated on the latest advances in genetic engineering. Furthermore, this course aims to stimulate the students interest in genetic engineering and cultivate their creativity as part of character building and ethical learning.

The feedback from the students

It’s easy to see that they have great enthusiasm on this subject. And they thought this course is helpful in forming a scientific worldview. In the class, we mainly discussed in groups. In this way, the students can learn from others. They hope that bioethics will become more popular among the middle school students. In addition, I show some pictures of Chinese national human genome center in Beijing. I keep in touch with a researcher working there. next term , I want to organize some of the students and pay a visit there. I think it’s meaningful for the students.


Wang: Do you have any examples of abuse of genetic privacy in China?

Fu: Whether the results of genetic tests can be revealed to employers in China or not, I can’t find an example in China.

Xiao Wei: Can you talk about the motivation for your teaching to students? Also about the future of genetic tests in China.

Fu: I think that it would cost too much to require people to submit results of their genetic tests to potential employers in China. For your second question, I’m a biology teacher and I teach biology. And I have the duty to teach my students the latest advance technologies in the twenty first century.

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