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Bioethics Education601

The author wishes to thank the following for their invaluable support and trust in the implementation of this project:

Dr. Darryl Macer, Project Leader, “Developing Teaching Materials on Bioethics” Project, for his invitation to participate in the project;

Ms. Mary Ann Ng for introducing the project;

Mrs. Carmela C. Oracion, Principal, Ateneo de Manila High School, for accepting the project and approving the participation of the school in the Bioethics education project;

Mrs. Margarita Pavia, Associate Principal for Academic Affairs, for allowing the integration of Bioethics in the Science Curriculum;

Mrs. Bella Queaño, Chairman, Science and Technology Department, for her vision and openness to allow the inclusion of the Bioethics topics in the Biology curriculum;

Fr. Manny Perez, SJ for guiding the Biology team on how to handle controversial Bioethics concerns;

The Ateneo de Manila High School Biology Team: Suzanne Zambrano, Biology Year-Level Coordinator, Alma Pavia, Milarosa Gaho, and Libertine Sanchez, for their active participation and full support to the project; and

To all the Second-year students, for their interest, enthusiasm and cooperation in the Bioethics sessions.


Macer: How long did it take you to persuade your principal to allow your school to join?

Abito: Less than a month. And it was helped by the visit of Mary Ann.

Sivakami:  How do you rate the success of the project?

Abito:  Actually, that is one of the things that we want to look into. And in fact, I suggested to Dr. Macer that perhaps we should conduct a survey at the end to assess the bioethical maturity of the students who underwent the trial.

Macer: Any other questions? And I’d like to appreciate very much the ethics of Ester, there have been considerable logistical problems in the Philippines, such as access to phones, access to computers, which are inhibiting factors to a certain degree. But the important thing is the enthusiasm of the teachers.

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