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Flower: Did you give the materials in advance so students can be familiar with the vocabulary and the concepts?

Zhuo: Yes

Macer: Your school is very supportive and will continue the trial again in the next term what improvements can you make next time?

Zhuo: Next time we can discuss more topics such as SARS.

The Gazing of Life-to Discuss, to Construct and to Form a Common Life Ethic Via Images

- Wang Bing.

Biology Department, Beijing Normal University Attached Middle School, Beijing, CHINA  

On account of the overlapping world we live in, the viewpoints held by any two persons towards one event may gradually expand to the comprehension of subjects and the formation of common concepts. Open comprehension cannot spontaneously come into being as far as video technology and the character of linguistics are concerned. Because open comprehension is not the mere description of person’s capability to understand, it also involves a process of opening to society towards a form of realization. It is always faced with new experiences and animation of the participators of the knowledge process. The opening of understanding is maintained by the animated spirit of participators, the understanding of opening demands that people give ear to every voice-whether strong or feeble. The basic condition to form common concepts lies in the basic ethic consciousness shared by subjects such as respect for life, basic freedom and the like. Based on this ethic, rationality, justice and freedom and other concepts like these can be defined explicitly through dialogue; that is, to realize freedom of the heart via communication within society.

This paper describes a curriculum that enables students to understand the cognitive experiences of human beings and to understand how the world is observed, perceived and apprehended via a lens created to view specific concepts by virtue of open images. We must let them know that political change is not capable of eliminating moral perplexity and settling deep-rooted problems. Thus they can learn a kind of cognition as well as method and attitude of representing political, historical and humanist themes. This paper will also discuss the place of human morality in the midst of society system, individual freedom, fate and nature; thus constructing and forming a common concept and ethic of life and the soul.

. pp. 607-610 in Macer, DRJ., ed., "Challenges for Bioethics from Asia" (Eubios Ethics Institute, 2004).

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