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608Challenges for Bioethics from Asia

Its well known that the golden rule of ethics is to offer what you yourself want to others but never give what you yourself dont want to others." Individuals have certain understanding and agreements towards it, based on which the common ethic comes to being.

The only way to realize the significance of life is to experience it. The significance of significance of life is that its a kind of knowledge which you have to put cognition subject into consideration and that it requires a devotion of emotion. It is a feeling from the bottom of your heart, such as deep love (or hatred)and happiness(or a sense of duty).When we are considering the significance of life, we are thinking with our heart instead of our mind. Therefore, any kind of thinking involves understanding of life, based on which arises the depth of thinking. Every particular individual can only experience very limited things in the term of his life. Because of the limitation of the experience, ones knowledge also tends to be limited. Naturally, the limited knowledge provides a limited understanding towards the whole world. Various subject community can be formed in the image world. Community means conjunctive existence, mutual attachment and sharing significance.

As a matter of fact, on account of the overlapping of the world we live in, the viewpoint  held by any two persons to one event may gradually expand to the comprehending between subjects and then form consensus .The open comprehending can not  spontaneously come into being through the video technology and linguistics character, because the open comprehending is not the description of the understanding power of any person, it is realized in the process of communication in the society. It is always faced with new experiences and criticism of the participators who are seeking knowledge. The opening of understanding is maintained by criticism of participators. The open understanding demands that people give ear to every voice ,whether strong or feeble.

The basic condition to form a consensus lies in the basic ethic consciousness shared by subjects (life respect and basic freedom, and so on). On this basis, rationality, justice and freedom and other concepts like these can be defined explicitly in the substantial society circumstance through  dialogue , that is, to realize freedom of heart via further communication of society.

This curriculum will render students understand the experiences and cognitions from human beings and understand  how the world is observed, perceived and apprehended  via lens by virtue of the open image  created by film master with specific concept. We must let them know that the political change is not capable of eliminating the moral perplexity, settling deep-rooted problems, and thus they can learn a kind of cognition as well as method and attitude of representing politics, history and humanity theme. This curriculum will discuss human moral placed in the midst of society system, individual freedom, fate and nature, and thus construct and form a life ethic common concept to scan situation to seek soul and practice.

Form consensus themes

Harmony and conflict between Human being and Nature: a forever ethical topic

Ballad of Narayama Shohei Imamura, Japan

Is there morality in the Nature?The movie points out that Nature has no morality but emotion.

In a remote and lean village, the old villagers are abandoned on the hills to starve to death. At the cost of their own lives, they hope to reduce the burden of the village and enable other villagers to exist.  Laozi once said coldly, “Nature has no morality and all the creatures are humble; however, nature emotional. Shohei Imamura outlines the naturalist value of the local Japanese traditional villagers: It respects the vain value of naturalism, but at the same time emphasizes the importance of emotion. There is no hypocrisy and affectation in Nature but all the creatures in it are emotional.

Conflict between history and reality: the darkness and waking up of human being

Blind shaft, Liyang, China

The movie based on criticism, reflects the real condition of coal excavating in the contemporary China from the point view of humanism. Under a system in which money goes

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