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Bioethics Education617

that certain issues such as animal rights can be taught in junior high school. So Frank, who do you think should teach? What’s your opinion?

Leavitt: I agree to teaching it to medical and nursing students. And I’m against to teaching it to high school and junior high school students despite of what Dr. Bagheri said. I think we should teach them topics such as how to be healthy.

Li Kuang: There are two reasons why we can teach these topics to high school students. One is that they are exposed to these topics anyway via the media. So I think we have a responsibility to tackle these issues in class. Second, we don’t teach them to accept this or not, we just present the facts about brain death and organ transplantation to show them that these are alternative technologies that are being used.  

Bird: I would just like to say something to the people who are writing these chapters.  It would be helpful for us teachers if there are, for example key words, or comparative meanings, or gap exercises and not just text. As teachers, we spend qualitative time preparing these materials so that we could actually use it. There are two points to this, if we are going to use this material, especially for students, Japanese students whose native language isn’t English, you need that additional material, not just from a Bioethics point of view but also from an English language learning point of view. And I think my colleague agrees with me with this, that was our biggest problem.

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