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620Challenges for Bioethics from Asia

own opinion deeper by teaching. The first questionnaire in English is useful for getting interest in the subject. The additional question ‘Do you want to have a baby by a surrogate mother?’ caused various answers. It inspired me to do the next trial.

The second trial could easily be answered by the attached situation. The number of Yes and No answers are the same and the reasons given by the students are clearer than before. Until this time, their views were focused on parents and a surrogate mother, but they became to think about children. It shows that students' way of thinking has been widened.

At the third trial one third students were asked. The second answer shows that same numbers of students say Yes and No and also similar reasons were shown. Almost all the students wrote clear answers but sometimes these conflicted with each other. These answers seem to be on the way of their developing.

At the class lesson, the trials provoked deeper thinking for students. However, including conflict or dilemma opinions and being on the way of their developing proceed to device class lessons. Furthermore questions would be better to ask for their problem. Not all the students were able to write their own opinions. Students should announce their own opinions and debate ideas with other subjects. In addition to this, one issue was that the assessment was not defined clearly.

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Shinagawa: What is the proportion of biology class in terms of class hours, compared to the entire class hours?  How much for math or how much for English?  What kind of proportion?  Also I believe there are students who don’t take biology.  I would like to know that proportion too.

Tsuboi: There are about 30 different classes, and biology is usually 3 to 4 classes.  For the first year students, it is a mandatory class for all students to take the class.  After their second year, it is a selective class.

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