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On Tuesday, hundreds of soldiers of the 4th Infantry Division patiently waited for Christmas breakfast in the chow line, while a tuba brass band in the corner played carols.

Said Gen. Raymond Odierno, commander of the division.  “Capturing him ... will help us continue to eliminate the insurgency but also to go back to the business of rebuilding Iraq and moving forward and turning the country back to the Iraqi people.”

(This is the same vacant suit that was boasting two months ago about how the Mosul area was so quiet and pacified, just before the resistance started kicking ass in---Mosul!   Oh well, anything for media sound-bite, always the only real mission objective for a showboating careerist asshole.)

US General Announces He Will Attack Bremer And Occupation Headquarters

Brig. Gen. Mark Hertling, one of two deputy commanders of the 1st Armored Division wrote in an e-mail “We in fact will go on the offensive against anyone who threatens the Iraqi people.”  (Associated Press December 23, 2003)

Tanks Getting Taken Out

(Buried in the middle of a story about how an informer is used, there is a fascinating line with news not being reported in the media.  When was the last time you heard an Occupation Mouthpiece report U.S. tanks are getting destroyed by the resistance?)

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As a helicopter gunship buzzed above them, the soldiers began to search the field. Jassem, disguised in military camouflage and a black ski mask, joined in the search.

After an hour and a half, they struck pay dirt. Buried near a wall, they found two Chinese rockets, a rocket-propelled grenade and other weapons. One of the rockets had been modified so it could be fired from the shoulder, a method the soldiers had never seen before. The cache was an important find.

"It was one of the first times we've found Chinese rockets," said Guetschow, who led one of the teams.  "That's what's been getting the tanks.  Every one of those we can get off the streets, the better."

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