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Capitalism At Work

by David Sirota, Christy Harvey and Judd Legum Progress Report

As more national guard soldiers are called up for prolonged periods of time, they're not making as much money as they were on the outside.  Smelling the potential blood in the water, "military bases across the nation are magnets for so-called payday lenders, which make money charging fees as high as $30 every two weeks per $100 borrowed - equal to a 720 percent annual interest rate."


Stan Goff on Iraq And More;

“We Should Contest For The Loyalty Of The Rank And File In The Military”

(Excerpts from Indymedia, 12.18.2003 Jennifer Van Bergen [JVB] interviews SSG Stan Goff (Ret’d) [SG] of Bring Them Home Now http://www.bringthemhomenow.com/

(PART 2: Continued From GI Special 159)

[JVB] Will Americans benefit from the Iraq war?

[SG] No. Well some Americans will. An ambush destroyed a Stryker vehicle in Iraq recently. So the company that makes Strykers will get an order for more of them.

[JVB] Do you think the war in Iraq distracts the media from domestic issues?

[SG] The media is very focused and single-minded. All successful corporations are. They chase the money and don't make waves. Veggies are good for you, but you can't sell veggies like you can crap food. The media sells crap food, cheap entertainment disguised as reality. Deindustrialization is too boring.  Ecocide is too controversial for advertisers.  Political critique alienates official sources.  Male on female violence risks too large an audience.

There's a domestic issue they don't want, as a good example, except for occasional punctuation. Ninety-five percent of all domestic violence victims in the US are women. There's an average of nine seconds between women being battered in the US.  Around 4,000,000 women in the US will be battered this year.  In my state, NC, there will be around 115,000 in 2004, unless unemployment rises further, in which case battering will too.

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