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rain.  And the resistance in Iraq is exposing the lie of US military invincibility to the world.

Neoliberalism is a system that has formed itself since the 1970's, a system that is based on a ballooning dollar-denominated debt on the underdeveloped world that forces them to commit their whole social effort to exporting to the United States to get those dollars. So the US is both the global Godfather, and the consumer of last instance for the rest of the world. Imperialism has always been parasitic, but this is thoroughly parasitic. But what happens to a parasite when it finally kills its host?

Even more deeply, if we look at the demographics, the conversion of most of the world's agriculture to an industrial capitalist model in order to maximize its potential for export and correct for falling profit rates has depopulated rural areas and sent much of the world that lived on the land to fend for themselves in cities. The majority of the earth's human population is now urban, and in the Marxist idiom they are proletarian, that is, people with no economic asset except a malnourished body available for shit labor. The problem is that with each boom-and-bust economic cycle, capital becomes more concentrated, and with each technological revolution, individual productivity increases, requiring fewer workers.

The late Mark Jones said, "The result... is a world where less than 200 million employees of transnational corporations and big capital produce three-quarters of the profit which valorizes the world's social capital, while four billion workers and landless peasants form a largely-immiserated mass of humankind with an average income of less than $5,000 per annum, one billion on less than a dollar a day."

The demographic implications of this are astonishing enough, and we won't even digress here to talk about the ecological vandalism inherent in all this.  In the bursting urban bantustans of desperate unemployment, two phenomena are developing side by side: Political rebellion and a criminal underground. Both are terrifying specters, even from afar, to the pale metropolitan suburbs as well as the ruling cliques.  You don't have to go to Mexico City or Calcutta to see it, either.  You can drop in on East St. Louis.  The easiest solution for legitimizing population control measures for these glowering restless masses is to conflate them all as criminals, or better yet, terrorists.

The reality of this global urban homogenization is that there has also been a blurring of the lines between urban policing, which has become ever more militarized for "occupation" duty, and imperial military operations, which has come to resemble police activity with the re-centering of war as urban occupation like we see now in Iraq.  

Isn't it interesting, then, that $8.3 million of the $87 billion appropriated for the war in Iraq was committed to subsidizing the Miami-Dade Police for their little population control exercise during the FTAA protests?  That the Bush administration gave war money to quell protests about the FTAA is pretty telling if we just look at the implications about the administration's thought process.  They have connected the war in Iraq with FTAA. We should too. The FTAA is an attempt to extend and consolidate the US debt-racket. When the subjects begin to rebel, someone is going to call out the troops.

The microcosm of Miami!

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