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[SG] I am worried about him.

[JVB] You have said that you loved being in the military.  How long did you serve and why did you love it?  Why did you leave it?

[SG] I didn't say that I loved the military.  I said there were aspects of military life I enjoyed.  There was much I despised.  But that might describe a lot of jobs.

I had over 20 years on active duty, and over four years of reserve time. I left when I retired, but if I'd have stayed one more day, I think they'd have had to put me in a special home.  I was very bitter and very burned out.  People will quote that to say I am embittered, as if that defines me and reduces what I say, so let me say right now that it's a logical fallacy, so don't go there. Answer the content of my arguments, and use evidence.

I liked the physicality of the military.  I liked the economic security.  I liked learning and developing skills.  I liked the travel, even though it was sometimes a mixed blessing.  I liked the exposure to a lot of different cultures inside the military and in the places I went.

I liked that I didn't have to worry about what to wear in the morning, and I liked the kind of egalitarianism that was in the military that many people don't recognize. I hated the bureaucracy and red tape.

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