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How Blowhard Col. Sassaman Spares No Effort To Recruit Iraqi Resistance Fighters To Kill U.S. Soldiers;

Troops Smash Homes, Shops; Find Nothing Much

by Aleksandar Vasovic, Associated Press Dec. 17, 2003

SAMARRA, Iraq (AP) Using sledgehammers, crowbars, explosives and armored vehicles, U.S. forces smashed down the gates of homes and the doors of workshops and junkyards Wednesday to attack the Iraqi resistance that has persisted despite the capture of Saddam Hussein.

Loud blasts mixed with the sound of women and children screaming inside the houses. An explosion at the gate of one compound shattered windows, cutting a 1-year-old baby with glass.

''Samarra has been a little bit of a thorn in our side,'' said Col. Nate Sassaman.  ''It hasn't come along as quickly as other cities in the rebuilding of Iraq. This operation is designed to bring them up to speed.''  (We’ll resist making much of the obvious point, i.e. having destroyed a chunk of Samarra will certainly offer more opportunities for rebuilding.  The more important point is that Samarra will certainly come “up to speed”--in commitment to kill U.S. soldiers-- thanks to this silly pointless exercise.   Unfortunately, the well guarded Col. Sassaman is unlikely to be one of them.  His EM’s will pay the price with their lives for his ignorance and arrogance, as usual.  Check out the pathetic results of all this mayhem, below.)

In the city's industrial zone, troops used even their Bradley fighting vehicles to break down the doors of warehouses, workshops and junkyards.

''Locksmiths will make a lot of money these days,'' said a U.S. soldier, laughing as he sat atop a Bradley.

''They've made a mistake to attack U.S. forces,'' Sassaman said. ''No one knows the town better than we do. We're gonna clean this place.''   (As if further proof were needed of the heights of incompetence and blind stupidity a Colonel is capable of, Sassaman gives it here, in a quote that should become famous in this war.  He knows the Iraqi city of Samarra, population 300,000, better than anybody else on earth, including the people who live there.  And he will “clean this place.”

When books are written about how the U.S. lost the war and was driven out by the resistance, this quote deserves to be near the top.  Again, compare Sassaman’s inane babbling to the actual results, below.)

At one home, an explosion ignited a small fire. Elsewhere, a suspect was punched in the head and a soldier said: ''You're dead. You're dead.''

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