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The car is of auction grade 5, as shown on attached auction sheet. It's completely factory new - page 20 / 21





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How the Newera System Works

(1). Starting with your inquiry, we provide a quote or e-mail communication, so that we are clear on just what you are after. We ask for detailed information from you, so

we can provide an accurate quotation from the beginning. If you are inquiring about a car from stock, steps (2) and (4) are not required.

(2). When sourcing to order, our quotation is based on your requirements. As long as

your budget is sufficient for the car youre after & the car is likely to be available, we

will be prepared to find the car you order, or better. Remember: even if you budget too much, it doesnt matter. We operate a system of supplying the best car we can find, plus a set fee of £900. If we can buy your car for a low price, then you make the corresponding saving.

(3). When you are ready to proceed, we ask for a deposit (& completed order form, if applicable). The deposit is usually £1,000. If you want a car worth over £10K OTR, then the deposit is £1,500. The deposit is fully refundable without question, should you for any reason need to cancel before a car is bought on your behalf. If you are reserving a car from stock the deposit is refundable less costs and time incurred provided you cancel 4 working days before shipment from Japan.

(4). Miguel, our buyer keeps you informed via e-mail periodically whilst searching

for your car. Sometimes it can take weeks, even months to find the right car. In a d d i t i o n t o M i g u e l a t t e n d i n g t h e m a j o r T o k y o a u c t i o n s d a i l y , w e h a v e b u y e r s

searching daily throughout Japan for the car you want. No news simply means we havent found it yet. We dont buy the first car which comes along. It must meet or exceed your requirements whilst not costing more than the OTR price we agreed, though it frequently costs less.

(5). As soon as available, we will e-mail you up to 30 detailed photographs, showing

all aspects of your car. We also include a detailed description. Of course, total OTR price is known at this stage, so we let you know. Cars are insured from the time

theyre bought, to the time they are completed & collected by you in UK.

(6). Usually, boats are available every 2-3 weeks, from Japan to UK (Southampton).


ICHIKAWA-SHI, ARAI 1-20-7, CHIBA-KEN, 272-0144, JAPANTel: +81- (0) 90-4133-3825 Fax: +81-(0) 47-307-4678

21 BIGWOOD AVENUE, HOVE, EAST SUSSEX BN3 6PFTel: 01273-734021. Fax: 01273-708694


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