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A Message to the Facilitator


You do not have to be a professional trainer to use this program. Sam Glenn’s philosophy is straightforward and easy to implement. He believes that everyone can bring their creativity, positive attitude and enthusiasm into every interaction with customers and co-workers. The facilitator will act as a liaison to spread Sam’s message. This is a process, not an instant cure. Not everyone will “buy-in” right away. But if you can help several people in your workplace become more creative and positive, it will spread like wildfire. You will also help create a more enriched workplace and it will become contagious. We promise!

Sam’s message is uplifting and most participants will leave with a renewed sense of energy. Be sure to emphasize this and help them set high goals. Keep communication open and continue to reinforce the positive. Let them share their thoughts and brainstorm new ways to keep the energy alive both in the workplace and their lives. When you are preparing the program remember the following:

Create an environment where the participants feel free to have an open discussion.

Send out a memo to participants with an agenda and goals you wish to accomplish ahead of time.

Play fun music while people enter the training room.

Make sure you watch the DVD several days before the training session.

Invite people to sit up front and not hide in the back.

Remind participants the day before via e-mail.

Try to stay on topic by using workplace examples and stories.

We have given you an overview of each training point that corresponds with a PowerPoint display if you wish to use them. Each training point also has several discussion questions and an exercise. Feel free to use these or create your own! Sam would want you to be creative !


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