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Discussion Questions

Sam says that humor is the cornerstone of a good attitude. Do the teams in your organization use humor? How can you bring a better attitude into your organization?

Thomas Edison is known for being a great inventor but he also collected many notebooks full of jokes and shared them daily with his staff. Edison discovered that because his staff laughed together, they became more productive, more effective, and were better problem solvers. He used humor to improve his team’s attitude. Are there ways that you can add humor into you and your team’s workday? List them.

Sam’s mother didn’t get upset and lose her cool when the police stopped them on the highway after her 3 boys duct taped themselves in the car. Clearly this was an adverse situation yet she was able to LIGHTEN UP! She saw the humor in it and was able to laugh. Have you ever been in a situation at work were things haven’t gone your way? If so what was your reaction? Could you have acted differently? Could you have lightened up?

Humor will help you stay positive at work but humor isn’t about being a comedian. It’s a way you can avoid getting caught up in the moment and KEEPING YOUR PERSPECTIVE. Sam Glenn realized the value of keeping his perspective when his suitcase broke and the airline workers taped his underwear to the outside of the suitcase. List some adverse situations that have recently occurred either with your team, your

Is it possible to keep a positive attitude when you’re faced with a huge challenge? YES! Especially when times are really tough. It’s more important than ever to keep a positive attitude, so you have to learn to REJECT NEGATIVITY. Do you work with a negative person? How do you deal with them? Is it working? If not, what are some ways in which you can turn that negativity into a positive attitude?


Norman Cousins rejected negativity and was able to transform his situation into something positive because he developed his sense of humor. Do you complain a lot or does someone you work with complain a lot? Do you or they have a short temper? Do you or your co-worker judge others and criticize them? If so, then you have to be willing to change. List some small steps that you can take to alter your behavior or your co-workers. How can you be better at accepting constructive criticism or

how can you deliver constructive criticism to a fellow co-worker? 13

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