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Training Point: Lighten Up!

Time Required: 20 minutes

Materials Needed: PowerPoint Lighten Up! Worksheet page 31

Objective: In the video Sam says that life gets better when we get better and it all starts with a positive attitude. Humor is the cornerstone of a good attitude and in order to get there you have to learn to Lighten Up!

Ask your participants to talk about ways that they can “lighten up” in their jobs and at home. Talk about how Thomas Edison used humor everyday and how using humor can carry over into your life and your job.

How can you use humor with your customers or your co-workers? How can you “lighten up”?

Some suggestions

Have a joke of the day posted in the kitchen or coffee area every morning at work.

At your next office meeting ask everyone to brainstorm and write down 3 ideas that can be implemented to help everyone “lighten up”.

Decorate your office with things that will make your co-workers or customers smile.

Bring in something that is funny and will make people laugh at your next staff meeting.


Communicate consistently in person or on the phone. E-mail is fine, but not the same as face to face or over the phone.

Be enthusiastic when you attend a meeting. Be encouraging. Celebrate small milestones and show praise in public.

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