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Using This Program in a Training Session

There is no question that having a positive attitude is critical to the success of any organization. But often, employees forget about this. They get distracted; they have busy schedules; work piles up and employees get stressed out. We all need to be reminded about the importance of keeping a positive attitude. The message in ”A Kick in the Attitude!” is fun to watch – and will reinforce the key messages necessary for having a great attitude and taking things in stride! The program is ideal for many audiences!

MANAGEMENT AT ALL LEVELS: Let’s face it; a positive attitude won’t happen if leadership isn’t committed to it. Managers need to view the program – and they need to talk about it to their employees. They need to think about how they will reinforce the messages day in and day out. They need to “buy into” the concept.

CUSTOMER CONTACT EMPLOYEES: Whether on the phone, dealing with customers in person, or helping deal with customer complaints or concerns, every employee who has contact with customers should view this program. It’s a powerful reminder that one of the core elements of great service is a positive attitude, its fun to watch, and it will help reinforce the training you’ve already given on this topic. Remember, even if you only service internal employees, they are also your customers.

ORGANIZATION-WIDE TRAINING: “A Kick in the Attitude!” has a simple and powerful philosophy that everyone in an organization can use. A great attitude is a benefit regardless of the position in an organization.



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