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Three great innovations make PV’s most versatile mounting system better than ever

SolarMount® Light

SolarMount® Ballast Frame

UniRac Grounding Clip

UniRac Grounding Clip

SolarMount® Light

Save time and materials by eliminating the need to tediously install a grounding lug on each module and bare copper wire between all modules. Instead, simply press one of these clips into the top slot of the SolarMount rail at the end of the row and between each pair of modules as they are installed. Align and fasten the modules with SolarMount top mounting clamps in the usual manner. The nibs of the UniRac Grounding Clip pierce the anodizing as the mounting nuts are tightened, thus creating a ground path through the SolarMount rail. Complete the installation by installing one grounding lug at the end of the SolarMount rail. Connect the lugs with a bare copper wire to ground the entire array.

Lower-cost SolarMount Light rail employs 38 percent less aluminum than standard rail, yet it’s more than strong enough for flush applications. Use the same installer-friendly top mounting clamps and footing components that work with SolarMount standard rail.

SolarMount® Ballast Frame

The SolarMount system is more flexible than ever with the introduction of a ballast frame, in most cases requiring no penetrations whatsoever. Learn more from our data sheet SolarMount Modular PV Ballast Frame, which you can download at www.unirac.com.

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