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The Foundation’s main objective is to promote better health, to improve the health status and to increase the quality of life of all Hungarians in the spirit of the "Public Health" Chapter of the Act on Health by disseminating the modern concept and practice of health promotion and by supporting the development of its professional and institutional background. (For more details: http://health21.hungary.globalink.org/, Our Institution, About the Foundation)


The promotion and ACI as a clinical science : prevention,  diagnosis ant therapy , and patient education ; the improvement of the cooperation among specialities related to ACI ; spreading of scientific information; promotion of research and publishing activities.


AIDS prevention, research, education, counseling, awareness raising , programs for specific groups ( injecting drug users, sexual workwers, prisoners…); work with media and decision makers

Stop smoking, nongovernmental organization (NGO).

The main aim of Stop smoking, NGO is to assign tobacco control in cooperation with national, european and worldwide organizations.

NGO Estonian Association Anti-AIDS

It is a non-profit organisation involved with prevention of HIV infection and other sexually transmitted infections and the promotion of healthy lifestyles.

The Pancyprian Organization of the Blind

The main goals of the Organization are-

promotion of social welfare of the blind,  

prevention of blindness and medical treatment of the blind,

promotion of the education of the blind,

the encouragement and promotion of suitable academic and vocational education of the blind,

the rehabilitation and integration of the blind,

providance of required technical aids and appliances for the work and the daily life of the blind,

the creation of conditions and situations for equivalent living standards and the integration of blind persons into the community in general,

the dissemination of information with regard to the problems and the welfare of the blind, and

the development and the promotion of sports among and between the blind.

The Pancyprian Organization of the Blind, P.O. Box 23511, 1684 Nicosia – Cyprus, was established in 1980 by 30 blind and partially sighted people. The Organization is non-governmental and mainly charity funded. The Board of the Organization consists of 14 members of whom, at present, ten are men and four are women. There are also 15 permanent standing committees operating in different areas of activity. All members of the Organization can participate in the standing committees, thus contributing to the administration and coordination of the programmes and services of the Organization. Any person over 18 years old who has total loss of vision or whose vision acuity is below 6/60 in the best eye (1/10 of the usual vision), even with the use of any corrective lenses or spectacles, may be accepted as a member of the Organization. The Organization has today 1005 members (464 women / 541 men) out of the estimated

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