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While the Foundation is not aimed at implementing community based tobacco control activities, it participates in some field activities provided these belong to wider research activities or are pilot programs. As part of the TFI-financed activities, the Foundation published a leaflet on smoking cessation for patients wishing to quit in February 2002 and it works now on monitoring its effect.

Main activities – Central and Eastern Europe

Beginning from 2001, the Foundation plays an increasingly active role in promoting tobacco policy advocacy in the Central and Eastern European region.

1. Publication of Filter

In March 2001 the Foundation started the publication of the first ever tobacco advocacy newsletter in English for Central and Eastern European countries (Filter and its electronic version, Filter Online at http://health21.hungary.globalink.org/). Updates from both INB3 and INB4 have been published in the newsletter (http://health21.hungary.globalink.org/filteronline/200102/index.html and of INB4 in press), along with an introduction of FCA (http://health21.hungary.globalink.org/filteronline/200101/index.html) and the FCA manual for FCTC participants (http://health21.hungary.globalink.org/filteronline/exclusive/index.html).

About 80 colleagues from the region, including national counterparts on tobacco of WHO, received more then 120 hard copies of the newsletter four times in 2001. The newsletter focuses on he successes and failures of advocacy work in the region, and also provides regular updates on the process of development of FCTC (see the electronic form on the Foundation’s website).

2. Website development

Lately, the Foundation developed a website for documents related to the organisation and evaluation of community based tobacco control activities, mainly non-smoking days/smokeouts, usually held in November every year in an increasing number of CEE countries. The website in now accessible through the Foundation’s main site and it will be maintained by the end of November 2002 according to an agreement with the Open Society Institute, New York.


Any other relevant information

The Foundation is founding member of the International Network of Health Promotion Foundations, an initiative launched in August 1999 by the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation (based in Melbourne, Australia). The network is aimed at promoting the introduction of an earmarked tax of tobacco products and channelling these resources for funding tobacco control activities. It provides technical assistance to countries wishing to establish health promotion foundations using this financial mechanism. The network held its second meeting in Bangkok in March 2002. Experts of the Health 21 Hungarian Foundation and the Victorian Health Promotion Foundation will develop an advocacy kit in promoting the establishment of earmarked taxation in countries of the CEE region. It was also decided the next meeting of the network will be held in Budapest, Hungary in April 2003. For more information on the network go to http://health21.hungary.globalink.org or to http://www.hp-foundations.net/).

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