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Its aim is the improvement of  the general health status of the population  by organized activities of the society and by the resources of the community

It includes demography, epidemiology, the determination  of the health needs and priorities and their fulfilment.


It means the medical ( and multisectoral) science and practice of protecting and improving the health of the populations. It includes  monitoring of the health of communities and populations at risk, health promotion and health education, disease prevention , application of other intervention measures etc.  It helps to formulate of public policies designed to solve health problems.  

Stop smoking, nongovernmental organization (NGO)

- Public health in the Slovak Republic means providing activities connected with health protection in these fields:

- environmental hygiene

- hygiene of children and young people

- nutrition hygiene

- preventive work medicine

- health protection against ionizing radiation

- epidemiology

- medical microbiology

- health education

- medical statistics

- teaching and education

NGO Estonian Association Anti-AIDS

Health lifestyle

The Pancyprian Organization of the Blind

Health care is provided by the Government Medical Services and the private medical sector.  

The Government Medical Services can be used by any person who chooses to be treated at a Government Medical Institution.

Free of charge or at reduced fees care is provided by the Government Medical Services to certain groups of the population. Patients not belonging to these groups pay the fees prescribed from time to time.

The government medical institutions are administered by the Ministry of Health through the Department of Medical and Public Health Services and are financed by general taxation through the budget.

The Public Health Sector System consists of eight hospitals and a number of Primary Health Care Centres around the country. The hospitals offer services for primary, secondary and tertiary care. One of the hospitals in Capital of Cyprus (Nicosia) is specialized in services for mother and child whereas the other hospital in Nicosia is being used as a referral hospital for very serious health care problems.

Services that are not offered by the public hospitals may be bought by the private sector through procurement procedures and contract agreements.

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