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VALIDATION REPORT Primavera® P6™ Enterprise Project Portfolio Management (Version 6.2.1)

Methodology managementallows users to author and store methodologies, which are also called project plan templates. Methodology management capabilities include providing the ability to define project management methodologies, which are called ―best practices‖, and store them in a central methodology management database

Timesheetsallows users to enter and track time in a timekeeping system. Team members use timesheets to enter information for assignments across projects, including recording time against a project.

The TOE restricts the ability to access it by requiring users to identify and authenticate themselves (although in the evaluated configuration, the authentication decision is made by an LDAP server in the TOE environment). Furthermore, it provides the capability of controlling access to user data through access control policies. Lastly, it provides administrators with the ability to administer security attributes to manage the security of the TOE.

The TOE comprises the following subsystems:

Project Management subsystemused to plan and control the projects, resources and methodologies defined within the TOE

Timesheet subsystemallows users to enter and track time in a timekeeping system

Web Project Management subsystemprovides user interfaces to access project management and timesheet review/approval functions

Integration subsystem—provides the user with Java language interfaces to the TOE’s business rules and underlying database

Database subsystemprovides an internal interface for interacting with the database in the IT environment, reducing network traffic and easing development effort.

The Project Management subsystem comprises the Project Management Client Module and the Methodology Management Client Module. These are ―heavy‖ clients that execute as applications in user space in a Windows operating system environment. They use DbExpress in the IT environment to establish database connections to the centralized database (also in the IT environment). The Project Management Client Module loads all the projects that the user is authorized to access and enforces controls on the operations the user is authorized to perform on specific project data. Similarly, the Methodology Management Client Module loads all the methodologies the user is authorized to access and enforces controls on the operations the user is authorized to perform on specific methodology data. Additionally, both the Project Management and Methodology Management Client Module enforce restrictions on the security management capabilities available to users.

The Project Management and Methodology Management Client Modules are supported on Microsoft Windows XP SP3 and Windows Vista Business Edition, SP1.

The Timesheet subsystem comprises the Group Server and the Timesheet Java Application Module. The Group Server executes as a Windows Service on a Windows operating system and provides the server side component of the Timesheet subsystem. It manages resource security, data integrity and business rules. It connects to the centralized database using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) in combination with Object Linking and Embedding, Database (OLEDB), both of which are in the IT environment. The Timesheet Java Application Module provides the end-user interface to the Timesheet subsystem and is used to enter time worked against particular tasks.


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