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UPTOWN PLANNERS Board Meeting Minutes

Tuesday, November 1, 2005 – 6:00 p.m.

Attendees: Steve Satz, Marilee Kapsa, Ernie Bonn, Hirsch Gottschalk, Leo Wilson, Erin Matthews, Roy Dahl, Ian Eply, Mike Singleton, Alex Sachs, Max Stahlman, Mary Wendorf, Paul de la Houssaye

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    Parliamentary Items

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Vacancy on the board will be filled in December, if you want to run we need you to fill out a membership form either here or on uptownplanners.org. We will accept applications up to vote. Everyone gets 3 minutes to speak. Written ballot. Win if you receive 50+% of the vote, if not 50% run off between 2 top candidates.

ii. Adoption of Agenda and Rules of Order MOTION to approve agenda. (1st Steve, 2nd Ian) Passed: Favor 9

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    Approval of Minutes: Defer until December meeting

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    Treasurer’s Report Current balance $719.98.

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    Chair/ CPC Report

Condominium Conversions: As everyone knows, the City Council is considering revisions to the City's condominium conversion ordinance. The City Manager made some excellent recommendations (July 20, 200, City Manager Report), which can be found on the City's official web site. Unfortunately, the City Planning Commission issued its own recommendations that would badly weaken the City Manager's Office proposed changes (for example, the new parking regulations would only apply to projects built after about 1991, rather than every project as the City Manager recommended).

The CPC supported the City Manager's position, and made some additional recommendations. Attached is the text of the motion -- which I authored. The full text of the motion was approved by a vote of 16-7, except for Section 2(b), which was voted on separately. In the initial proposed motion, I had put language in Section 2(b) indicated the new ordinance would apply to all projects "not vested" (having a legal right to build: the end of the pipeline) -- the CPC instead replaced this with language that stated it applied to projects in the pipeline whose processing was "not substantially complete." The compromise section 2(b) was passed 19-4.

A motion by North Park to enact a moratorium until the new regulations went into effect was defeated 10- 12. I voted for the motion, but can see the argument by opponents that the push for a short moratorium could detract from getting a strong condo ordinance passed.

General Plan Update The CPC will be looking at the General Plan update over the next several months. A Subcommittee has been formed, which I was named Chair. This is an important process, since it effects the amount of new housing, density, and timing of facilities for Uptown and other communities.

I have serious concerns that the state is increasingly taken over planning in California, and is pushing unrealistic new housing requirements on municipalities like San Diego -- which over the last year, has shown very little real population growth.

Portland has always considered an example of the success of the "smart growth" concept; yet a lot of those initially supportive in Portland are now having second thoughts. Richard Carson, who was the former Director of Portland Metro made a good comment -- "Gridlock is simply a function of too many people living in an area, and no concurrency policy or dollar outlay can fix it."


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