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Planner, Max Stahlman: Workshop “What to know when reviewing projects” November 30 6-8pm on Topaz Way. Policy 624 changed and distributed to Board. Ernie: one more meeting for administrative guidelines – we don’t need City Council approval. (Ernie is Chair of our Bylaws Committee) Steve: bounce of the board and see if hey support this idea: Addressing cumulative impact of local projects – Laura has stated that the City doesn’t do them (also said this in COW). Alex: if I may interrupt, the City Attorney office has just issued a report on cumulative impacts under CEQUA. I haven’t read it, but I think it addresses some of the issues that we are interested in. There are state guidelines in CEQUA about environmental guidelines. Steve: The issue is that the guidelines are being ignored. Alex: I don’t think this is an appropriate forum for us to discuss this, and I have not been tasked with follow through with the City Attorney’s Office with you. I don’t think it’s appropriate for me to communicate with you here. Leo: Ms. Hammond is in charge of Land Use. Steve: does the Board feel that the follow-through with Planning Review is important? Alex: Ask the Planner what the Planning Dept does with this. Peggy: I think the issue is raised, I think that some of us should get it touch with Max and read the report, and come up with some kind of position of where we’d like to go. We need to talk about specifics – traffic, infrastructure. I think we should look into this and gather up some data. Leo: 1st issue is report, and I agree with Alex, this is not his department. Max: I think we would like to know what we should be evaluating when looking at cumulative impacts, and we’d like to see what the City Attorney office has to say about it also. Max: Steve, give me a call so that I can follow through. Leo: this is part of CEQUA review and I’d like this to be handled in a scholarly manner without personalities coming into it. Max to give us a 10-minute review in the December meeting.

Public Communications - Non-Agenda Public Comment (3 minutes each). Ruth Harrison: Asst Director of Hillcrest Biz Assoc – we are now a PROW. (Public Right of Way Enhancement Program). Hillcrest Assoc is performing a subcommittee and we will be doing a presentation to you. Alex: changes in transit system in uptown area – on the 15th of Nov MTS will be at North Park Community Center 5-7:30 Proposed changes of transit in the area. MTS increasing buses on 4th and 5th Ave, cut backs on Route 3, Route 16 and some enhanced on 908. In effect January 1, 2006.

  • Elected Official Representatives (3 minutes each)

    • i.

      Todd Gloria, Hon. Susan Davis, Member of Congress

Consent Agenda (members present at DR Subcommittee on October 17: Mazzella, Kapsa, Bonn, Wilson, Epley, Hyde,

Satz, Sachs) MOTION to Approve (1st number 3.)

Marilee 2nd

Peggy) Passed Approve: 9 Abstain 1 (Alex recluses himself on

CAFÉ CARPA DIEM S/W CAFÉ – (Process Two – Neighborhood Use Permit) – Hillcrest – Neighborhood Use Permit for a 216 sq. ft. sidewalk café at 3401 First Avenue in the MR – 800B Zone. 3989 RICHMOND STREET TENTATIVE MAP – (Process 4 – Tentative Map) – Hillcrest – Tentative Map to convert 24 existing residential units to condominiums on a 0.375 acre site at 3989 Richmond Street in the MR

  • -

    800B Zone.

1086 HAYES MAP WAIVER – (Process 3 – Tentative Map Waiver) – University Heights – MW application to waive the requirements of a Tentative Map to convert two existing residential units to condominiums on a 0.120 site at 1086 Hayes Avenue in the MR-3000 Zone

  • Action Items—Special Reviews

FRONT STREET VACATION – (Limited Issue Review) -- Bankers Hill/Park West – Request for clarification regarding a prior approval by the Board. Regarded the vacation of a portion of Front Street on the south side of Fir Street. Bordered on the west by Interstate 5. City of San Diego says Uptown Planners approved this about 2 years ago, but some else came to Uptown on behalf of this issue. We need consent again because it’s been over 6 months. Peggy: table this item to come back with more information. Leo: what we need is the Planning Department’s paperwork. We need explanation from Planning Department, and then we can make an informed decision in December. Max will help us with this. MOTION: Come back for UP to review (1st Peggy 2nd Alex) Passed Favor: 12


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