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FABULOUS NEW YEAR’S EVE PARTY (Request for Letter of Support) – Hillcrest – Request for letter of support for New Year’s Eve event on Fifth Avenue between University and Robinson Avenue. Went in front of Special Events in the Police Department, but they asked us to move to Friday, because they could not guarantee availability of 8 police officers. The Resolution Party will now start at 7PM. The businesses on 5th Avenue are fine with closing the street. Sound engineers will do their best to mitigate, but we will go door to door in 4-block radius to inform them. Will check noise level during the event. Public comment: Warren from Hillcrest Association went to all the meetings. Stepher has made an effort. We don’t have any objections as long as businesses on 5th are accommodated. Board comment Alex: The music will be shut off at 12:30, the City did not ask for a decibel level? Ans. No Peggy: Street Scene is now at Qualcomm stadium because it caused a mess, and I don’t why you can’t do it in Balboa Park where it doesn’t impact anyone. Ans. Street Scene moved because of Parking and street fees as well as other issues. Ian: I lived in the middle of Street Scene and I look forward to this. What I didn’t like is the guards and staffing of security and how they restricted some residents’ movements. Please make sure that Security doesn’t get an attitude. Ans. Now putting Security through Stepher Customer Service training. MOTION: Issue Letter of Support Passed Favor: 8 Against 4

HILLCREST FARMERS MARKET (Request for Permanent Signage) – Hillcrest – Request to place permanent “No Parking” signs on Normal Street indicating parking prohibited during the time on Sundays the Farmers Market operates. Will replace need for weekly posting of temporary signs. We’ve been putting temporary signs up for 14 months now and it’s a hassle and if we can have permanent signs it’s less of a nuisance for everyone. Mike: a lot of this is angled parking, so please make sure the signs aren’t in pedestrian flow patterns. Ans. That’s up to the City MOTION: To grant letter of support. (1st Roy 2nd Steve) Passed Favor: 12

ALBATROSS STREET -- (Request for One-Way Street) – Mission Hills -- Petition to make Albatross a one-way street west bound between Front and Lewis Streets. Next to UCSD hospital, strong base of neighborhood support to make the street one-way. Peggy: has the

City spoken? Ans. We have a letter of support from City Traffic. Now use street as short cut to hospital. One homeowner was not in favor of signing the petition, but not against the idea. This is a very narrow

street, developed in 1928 and the other half in 1940.

These have no sidewalks and narrow driveways.

Parking on street is restricted and drivers have to do a u-turn, and because we don’t have sidewalks

vehicles drive over our landscaping. Mike: the whole medical complex area is full of one-way streets.

There was some talk in the past of

S A N D A G p u t t i n g p l a n s i n p l a c e t o c o o r d i n a t e t r a f f i c i n t h a t a r e a , b u t i t n e v e r c a m e t o f r u i t i o n . M O T I O N : T o g r a n t l e t t e r o f s u p p o r t ( 1 s t M a r i l e e 2 n d Hirsch) Passed: Favor: 11.

Action Items— Projects

1030 ROBINSON AVENUE TENTATIVE MAP – (Process 4 – Tentative Map) – Hillcrest – TM to convert 40 existing residential units to condominiums at a site located at 1030 Robinson Avenue in the MR-1--1000 Zone; 40 parking spaces. City letter never came back to applicant. Issues: we are moving trash enclosure from NE side of property to NW side of property – should appease homeowner that live East of the property. Adding 4 feet of soft scape in front of the property. Can now fit two larger type trees, doing stamped concrete so that it softens. If curb cuts need to occur, and there’s more than 2% grade on the driveway so it does it will be within ADA A.

guidelines. Preserve historic stamps on sidewalks. Alex: I want

he needs to MOTION:

do for historic sidewalk (UP Standard Motion

stamps. for Tentative



to make sure

and Condo

the applicant

is clear on what


with additional

conditions: The driveway be adjusted to provide no more than a 2% of the sidewalk (with a saw-cut grid put into this sidewalk to match the

cross slope on typical historic

a 4-5 foot wide portion pattern). The driveway

from the curb to the sidewalk can be made much as possible without reducing parking. should be added in the public right of way or

steeper. Request that the width of the cub-cut be reduced as Colored or textured parking spaces should be added. 4 trees setback area.) (1st Mike 2nd Roy) Passed FAVOR: 12


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