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Remaining sidewalks to be a minimum of 6’ A double row of queen palms (one on each side of walkway). Retain as many mature queen palms as possible and/or transplant. Minimum 12foot brown trunk for these new palms will be required. Existing mature tress along 5th Ave to be retained with root pruning, root barriers unless City Urban


Forester agrees with health problems. Site walls along the public right of way that are about 3’ in height must transparency. All mechanical units and ducting to be screened. All exterior lighting attached to the building should be wall mounted or recessed. Approval of color board to occur in the future. Mike 2nd Ian) Passed: Favor: 8 Against: 4





As the next project set up, Jeffrey Thom wanted everyone to know about the sidewalk project on 1100 block on University that should be completed by Thanksgiving…Wants representative to be involved in a DIF funded pop- out. Will be Mike Singleton.

D. 3812 KEATING RESIDENCE TENTATIVE MAP – (Process 4 – Tentative Map) –

Mission Hills – TM to convert 13 existing residential units to condominiums on a 0.46 acre site at 3812 Keating Street in the MR – 1500 Zone. Came to subcommittee, and made some of the suggested changes. Trying to make something aesthetically pleasing coming up Washington. Doesn’t meet parking requirements, only one space per unit. Alex: they have been responsive. Ian: I think you have been very responsive, removing the shutters, landscaping. Go with metal railings it will be more attractive. Mike: I thought the banding was appropriate, I don’t know if it should be that high. What about ADA issue? Ans. He was trying to get a ramp up to the stairs, but it wasn’t required, and they dropped the idea. Peggy: I don’t like that “eroding pebble walk” look. MOTION: Project be approved with addition of ADA ramp on the corner and update full planes of enhanced materials and use metal railings. (1st Mike 2nd Roy) Passed: Favor: 8 Against: 3

E. 4046 NORMAL STREET TENTATIVE MAP – (Process 3 – Tentative Map) – Hillcrest – TM to convert

seven existing residential units to condominiums on a 6653 sq. ft. site at 4046 Normal Street in the MR- 800B Zone. Roy: where is the parking? Ans. In the rear, I don’t know how many spaces. Ian: Do you know what your tentative map is? I guess you will provide it in the future. MOTION: Deny approval of project based on the fact that we have no finite information or tentative map. (1st Peggy 2nd Erin) Passed Favor: 10 (Steve and Hirsch are absent)

F. 4043 FIRST AVENUE TENTATIVE MAP – (Process 4 – Vesting Tentative Map) – Hillcrest – VTM to convert 15 existing residential units to condominiums on a 10,800 sq. ft. site at 4043 First Avenue in the MR-800B Zone. This project has gone to a tentative map. Ian: I walk past this every day, looking toward the future too – the empty lot is a 4-unit project. I really like this little period piece. It’s not a regular Huffman; I think it’s fine the way it fits in the neighborhood. I’d replace the lap siding. We wanted a contiguous sidewalk. Mike: I don’t know, the driveway is kind of steep, but I’d try to keep it to ADA standards, I’m not sure it can be done. Ans. We will rebuild driveway aprons. Alex: Have you looked at narrowing the curb cuts so that you can make a wider curb in the middle? We should add to motion: Attempt to minimize curb cut without eliminating parking. Marilee: Any affordable housing? Ans. No, we’re going to be paying in lieu fees.

MOTION: When driveway is rebuilt, meet ADA requirements, to score the walkway with historical pattern, and to attempt to minimize cub cut without eliminating parking. Passed: Favor 6 Against: 3



Map) – Hillcrest – TM to convert 78 existing residential units to condominiums on a .073 acre site in the MR

  • 800B Zone. 55 2-bedroom units. 23 1- bedrooms.


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