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Subcommittee wanted this a little “more earthy”, craftsman like. We tried to meet the feel of the current look of the community. 124 parking spaces. We do listen to the committee and the Community. Leo: what schedule are you looking at? Ans. It’s not going to be for some time. We’re actually not going to be started until 1Q2006. Have given 180-day notice to current tenants. Alex: Have you met with the tenants? Ans. No, not yet. We don’t do that until we know we have a project. We will help them with information about purchasing the unit, and relocation assistance using Housing Commission rules. We also make it a point to meet with each tenant. We believe in doing well by doing good. Alex: there are a lot of tenants here that stayed to hear this presentation, so I’m hoping that you will remain in contact with them. Are you under grounding utilities? Ans. No. Alex: If you’re requesting a waiver, that’s something we oppose. Ernie: Low income housing? Ans. No, in lieu fee. Paul: You don’t have enough parking? Ans. I know we don’t, and we can’t add and have it be economically feasible. Mary: I like the changes that you made, it looks really nice. Ernie: Do you know how many section 8 people are in your project? Ans. No we don’t, but we do work with them. Mike: No site plans or tentative map? Ans. No we don’t have anything with us. Mike: Can we tell what is going on at the street level? It’s worth it to put underground in, it will really make a difference to the look. Roy: when was the building build? Ans. 1988. Ian: for the tenants – go to Sandiego.gov for a process map for condo conversions and how they work. Public Comments 1) They handed in a petition signed by 90 residents, who are elderly with fixed incomes, interns, law students, families, all these depend on affordable housing within Hillcrest. It’s hard to ask 90 residents to relocate. What are they doing with the internal upgrades? We keep our complex clean and attractive – this is not a blighted apartment complex. 2) My concern after listening tonight – you’re all looking at the outside. Not the inside, which has bad plumbing, mold, very little storage. And they are going to do superficial changes. They sent a 1st letter, then a 2nd letter, which said it wasn’t going to happen; now it’s on again. The communication has been bad; Parking in the area is very difficult. Ramifications about parking and traffic congestion. Medical profession lives here so that they can be close to the hospital. I am most discouraged by the hardship borne on us. There is a lawsuit pending. I had not heard anything from Tony Atkins, so I called Donna Frye and then Tony Atkins called me and they weren’t very nice, they said if they want to do it, then they are going to do it. 3) The median price of a condo is this area is $485K. You need to make $83K to $92K. The median income in this community is around $40K. The American Dream of buying a home is not attainable in San Diego; the reality of the Dream is the profits made by developers who flip these types of units.

Board Comments Leo: you don’t have a tentative map or site plan. Design subcommittee saw the map. Alex: I don’t see where we would postpone making a recommendation based on a site plan. Leo: We asked another project to come back that had a similar situation.

MOTION: UP recommends denial for tentative map unless the applicant returns with the minimum of 8 affordable units, commits to due diligence to committing to under grounding (which given the size of the project should be doable) and the applicant will commit to meeting with the tenants to help them relocate and purchase units. (1st Alex, 2nd Marilee) Passed: Favor 9 Against 0

Adjournment (10:15 p.m.)

Respectfully submitted,

Erin Matthews


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