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Texas Science and Engineering Fair hosted by UTA at the Arlington Convention Center. Dr. Henry is a mentor and board member of UTA’s Leadership Academy. He teaches two introductory online biology courses and two human anatomy & physiology courses, Honors and Graduate level seminars at the University and is currently collaborating with colleagues on developing new distance education formats.

Contact Information and Office Hours: E-mail: biol1333@edu Phone: (817) 272-7223 Office: Life Science Building, Rm. 232 Office Hours: Thursday, 2:00-3:30 p.m. During the week, response time to email and phone messages will be within 24 hours. If your instructor will be unable to respond in that time frame, he will post a message to the class discussion board.


Chapter Tests (Quizzes) – At the end of each chapter you are required to take a chapter test. Each test contains 10 multiple-choice questions. Chapter tests may be found by clicking on the Testing link from the course home page. The chapter tests count for 32% of your overall grade.

Modular Exams – Each part (1-4) will be followed by a modular exam that will collectively count for 33% of your overall grade. The modular exams will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions.

Final Exam – Your final exam will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions covering all chapters, and counts as 35% of your grade.

Time Limits – All Chapter Tests (Quizzes) and Exams have the following time limits: Chapter Tests (Quizzes) – 10 minutes Module Exams – 60 minutes Final Exam – 2 hours Exceeding these time limits will result in point deductions from your score.

Deadlines – All Chapter Tests (Quizzes) and Exams have closing dates. These are listed on your course calendar on page 5 of this syllabus. You may work at your own pace, provided you comply with the dates tests are due. All closing dates are set at 11:55 PM Central Standard Time. Do not fall behind. Exceeding the closing date deadlines will result in a zero on that particular test.

Passwords – If you have exceeded the course calendar deadlines for taking a quiz or exam deadline, you will need a password to access it. In order to receive a password for access to an overdue quiz or exam, you must have a legitimate justification otherwise that test counts as a zero.

Discussion – The course homepage has a link to the Discussion Board. While discussions are not a requirement (unless otherwise indicated), they are encouraged as a vehicle for communicating class information with others that are participating in your online class.

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