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Introductory biographical postings are encouraged by all participants in order for the class to become acquainted and support one another. Please tell something unique about yourself that may be of interest to others. While participation in the discussion board is not a requirement, it can be an important source for assistance and cohesion in ensuring success in this course.

Grading Scale:

Grading Scale

A =

90-100 %

B = 80-89 % C = 70-79 %

D =

60-69 %

Four Modular Exams


Comprehensive Final



Evaluation Chapter Tests


F = 59 % and below

Course Format:

Chapters – This course website is composed of sixteen chapters divided into four parts (modules) that you will be required to work through. Each chapter contains a number of addenda questions and web links to aid in your understanding of topics. You may work at your own pace, finishing chapter tests and modular exams early should you so choose. Deadlines are set to keep you up to pace in order for you not to fall behind. The comprehensive final exam is offered only during finals period.

Chapter Tests (quizzes) – Each chapter will require an online test of 10-20 multiple-choice questions that will collectively account for 32% of your overall grade. Consider your chapter tests practice for your four modular exams.

Modular Exams – Each section of chapter quizzes (there are four) will be followed by a modular exam that will collectively count for 33% of your overall grade. The modular exams will consist of 50 multiple-choice questions that cover the preceding chapters quizzes of that section (see your course calendar). Consider your modular exams practice for your comprehensive final. You may only take each test one time, so be sure you are ready.

Final Exam – The comprehensive online final exam will account for 35% of your overall grade in this course. This exam will consist of 100 multiple-choice questions, and will only be offered during finals period.

Errata – Should you discover any errors, you may receive extra credit for reporting it by e- mail to the Biology 1333 e-mail address: biol1333@edu

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