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you from?” “How long you stay in Thailand” “Where you stay?” and of course they are quite good with amounts. A surprising amount though do speak decent English as it is taught in a number of their schools and many have had farang [Western] boyfriends. If you decide that this is the girl that you want to spend some time with - the negotiations begin. Do you want “long time” (all night) or “short time” (usually one cum). Do your best to come to an agreement on price. This can avoid much aggravation later on. Many of the girls won’t give a price for fear that you will refuse, so they say “Up to you.” Depending on your generosity they will later on be satisfied or pissed off. Unless you’re a real cheap bastard the girls will usually be happy with what you give them. O.K. you have agreed to leave together and now you find out there is a “bar fine” - an amount charged by the bar for the girl to leave - usually it ranges from $12-16, but it keeps going up. Oh well, you’ve come this far so you pay the bar fine. Now you can either go back to your hotel or one of the short-time hotels that will be close by. This decision might depend on how discreet you want to be in bringing a girl back to your hotel. The short-time hotels are pretty cheap I think - $10 at most - I’ve only used them twice a long time back. If you go back to your hotel you either have to check her in with the front desk (and in the top hotels charge another $20 extra) or in some hotels - my preference - just go up to your room. Once there, you will both take showers separately and then get down to business. Only pay as the girl is getting ready to leave. Never pay first. No girl actually has ever asked me for payment up front. This of course leaves them open to farangs cheating them by not paying them or paying less than the agreed upon price. Believe me, I have heard many farangs boast about this. I think it is a lousy thing to do and these girls will spread the word as quickly as possible about what you did and you may find it difficult to get another girl. Also, many of these girls have very tough boyfriends who will come looking for you.” 16

The following is an excerpt from a man’s report on his prostitution tour to Boca Chica, Dominican Republic. He describes his use of the World Wide Web search engines to find a destination for his inexpensive holiday of buying women.

Boca Chica Travel Report “There’s good news in the Caribbean ! Most of the rumours about Boca Chica are true !! The following is a detailed report about my trip to Dominican Republic, which I took around Thanksgiving last year [November, 1995]. I decided I wanted to go on vacation, but with that decision, there were two things I had to consider: first, that I didn’t have alot of money to spend on such things, two, that availability of sex was VERY important !! On the money side, the Caribbean made sense: It’s close, so it doesn’t cost alot to get there. With that decision, though, there are alot of islands to choose from !! That’s when availability of sex came into the picture. I started with doing a search in Netscape. The two keywords were “SEX+VACATION.” The results of that search spanned the globe from Thailand to Dominican Republic, to Amsterdam. After coming across quite a few articles about Dominican Republic, I bought a couple of books about Dominican Republic in general: the people, the country, etc. I went to the travel agent, and got a pretty good deal: $747.00 (all prices are quoted in $US)

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