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for 5 nights, 6 days in the ________ RESORT including all meals (3 a day) and drinks (!), and included airfare. Upon getting to the airport in Santo Domingo, getting through customs was easy, quick, and painless. As soon as you get through customs you exchange your bucks right there. Then, with a 30 minute taxi ride (which costs about $11.00), I went to resort. The _______ Resort was fabulous ! Large clean rooms (with AC [air conditioning]), good food, and pretty good service. Boca Chica is a very small beachfront town, whose only income comes from tourism. There’s only one “main drag,” which runs parallel to the beach for about 3/4 of a mile. It’s amazing how many bars, souvenir shops, and girls can be crammed into such a small area ! Since it was my first night, I decided not to spend any money yet: just walk, and take it all in. I got more propositions in that 3/4 of a mile, than anyone could imagine !! And, the women doing the propositioning ! The range was from absolutely stunning, to “okay.” I found no unattractive girls whatsoever. This is a very rough estimate, but I would say there were (between the streetwalkers and girls in the bars) about 150 women in that small stretch of street. The only small surprise was that the girls were darker than I expected, but color was also very wide-ranging. The age range was basically 16 (some), to 20’s (most), to 30’s (some). Another very noticeable thing was how friendly all the girls were. There was none of that “hard ass” attitude, so commonly seen here in the states. Most of the girls speak a little English, but even if you don’t know very much Spanish, you (and they) can pretty much get the point across. The prices are pretty good: generally around $20.00 - $40.00, depending on the girl & what you want. Once, I had 2 BEAUTIFUL girls (ages about 17 & 19) for a total of $65.00. Most of the girls use small, cinder block built “motels” dotting the street and the “room charge” is about $10.00. The prices I’m quoting are for “get in, do what you have to do, and get out”. That’s not to say I was ever hurried by anyone in any way ! One thing I read was to negotiate prices BEFORE doing anything, which I did, so I don’t know what would happen, otherwise.” 17

United States military personnel turned Pattaya, Thailand from a small fishing village into a prostitution center. After the initial visit by US soldiers in June 1959, it became a “rest and recreation” center for many soldiers during the Vietnam War, and in the early 1990s it serviced the same function for United Nations peacekeeping troops deployed to Cambodia. Today the beach resort has an estimated 3,000 prostitutes, 800 bars and 30,000 hotel rooms. The following man’s description of buying women in Pattaya, Thailand describes several types of bars and specialty services that are offered. The man mentions Thai Kick Boxing as a form of entertainment in the bars. Women are often coerced into performing this form of “entertainment,” which causes bruising and injuries to the women.

Pattaya Story This is an account of Pattaya, a city south of Bangkok. Pattaya has about 50% of its population working as bar girls! Here there are beer bars. The beer bars are exposed, outside bars that seat maybe 25 people and are staffed with perhaps 10 girls. Up and down Pattaya beach, there must be 500 of them total! Some are more major attractions which put on some entertainment like Thai Kick Boxing. The common ground is the bargirls. To put it in perspective, Pattaya is the most

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