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favored shore leave for ALL the world’s navies! They say that when the 7th fleet is in town, all hell breaks loose. Comparing Pattaya with Bangkok I found a more laid back atmosphere, lower prices, and a less sophisticated lady. While Patpong women tend to make up and dress in a Western style, these gals seem more “local.” Perhaps, that made them a little less attractive to me. But the focus of this part is on a bar I ran into in Pattaya! In Bangkok they have what is called “no hands” restaurants where your party is fed by waitresses sitting on your laps. All night long you can use your hands elsewhere, instead of worrying about putting food and drink into your mouth. I discovered an “upstairs” bar which only had 8 barstools. The bar itself was chest high and had semi-circular cut-outs at each barstool. Upon entering, one was approached by a bargirl, the massage started on the neck, and a drink bought. Only then did my eyes become accustomed to the subdued lighting. The “special services” offered were accomplished by the bar girl going around to the inside of the bar, kneeling down under the bar, parting a curtain, pulling down your pants, and applying her mouth to ones swelling member! The “special service” was accomplished for the mere sum of 250 Bhat ($10)!! WOW now that “service” would be welcome just about anywhere. The incredible scene around one was one of XXX videos on the tube, 6 or so guys leaning on the bar in their own cut-outs, with the wildest expressions on their faces! A sign on the bar top said, “when pants are down around ankle, please to put valuables on top of bar.18

One page on the World Wide Web promotes special shows in Bangkok where men can pay to see women smoking cigarettes with their vaginas. The next Web page provides a description of the razor blade show in which a woman dances and pulls two dozen razor blades connected by a string from her vagina. A color photograph of the act is shown. Another man describes a show in which a woman dances with two pythons and inserts the head of one into her vagina. 19 20

Predators Take Turns with One Woman

This rapid publishing electronic medium has enabled men to buy individual women. Men can go out at night, buy a woman, go home, and acting like amateur pimps, post the details on a newsgroup. By morning, anyone in the world with an Internet connection can read about it and often have enough information to find the same woman. For example, in Nevada, USA, where prostitution is legal, a man bought a woman called “Honey.” He wrote about his experience and told other men the name of the brothel where “Honey” could be found. Within a couple of weeks other men went and bought “Honey” themselves and posted their experiences to the newsgroup. Within a short period of time men were having a cyberorgy of male bonding by describing what each of them did to her. Men are keeping a special Web site for men to post their experiences of buying this one woman.21 Additional Web pages have been created for “Monique” and “Katherine,” who can be bought at legal brothels in Nevada. To my

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