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knowledge this public documentation and exposure of buying an individual women is unknown before Internet communication. The implications for this type of exchange in a fast-publishing, easily accessible medium like the Internet are very serious for the sexual exploitation of women in the future.

Predators’ Bad Experiences: Women’s Pain and Suffering

In their writings in the World Sex Guide, men inadvertently reveal their abuse of women. The reader can get a glimpse of the humiliation and physical pain most of the women endure at the hands of men who buy them by reading accounts of men’s “bad experiences.” To the men who buy women and children a bad experience means they didn’t get their money’s worth or that the woman didn’t keep up her act of enjoying what she had to do. Here is an example from a tourist in Bangkok, the City of Angels:

City of Angels “The room was large, had a bath tub, king size bed with lots of mirrors. I undressed her and she undressed me. She never smiled or laughed. We both entered the hot bathtub and she washed me carefully and then herself. Then she prepared some bath foam in a bin, puted it [sic] onto an airbed in front of the bathtub, and invited me to lay down. Than she applied the legendary massage without hands: She massaged me with her body: her breast and very much with her pubic bone. But after 10 minutes it was over. She tried to give me a blowjob, but she was that bad that I did not even get an erection. I thought about helping her with thinking at something really nice, but then I thought “what for do I pay?” [sic] After five minutes successless [sic] blowing I asked her to postpone that. We dried each other and went to the bed. She expected to get fucked immediately but I thought if I can stay for up to two hours, than I want a real massage. I laid down on my front and she was astonished that I expect a back massage. She started and it was really painful, because she did not use any lubricant. I asked her for oil. Again she was astonished: “You want an oil massage?” She picked up a little oil bottle from her bag. Then the massage was much better - even though I have had a lot of better massages. She did not even know that muscles are massaged and not bones. After 15 minutes I was much more relaxed and thought about the number of the girl. And she was worth that number. Then I asked for a condom and fucked her for another 30 minutes. Her face looked like she was feeling a lot of pain, even when I licked her softly. She blocked my way when I wanted to leave the room and asked for a tip. I gave her 600bath. All together not a good experience.”22

Predators Enslave Women and Girls

Numerous accounts by human rights groups have revealed that many of the girls and women in prostitution industries around the world are virtual slaves. The men’s comments reveal that they know that. One man on the Internet explained to others that the girls in Bangkok “virtually get ‘sold’ by their families into the industry.” Another man said, “Yes, there is slavery in Bangkok. Some girls work against their will.” He then

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