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goes on to describe where those “kept” girls are most likely to be found. He says, “if this is a problem for you, simply stay away from [those hotels]. Another way of handling this is, of course, to be gentle and gentlemanry [sic] and give the girl a good time whether she is a slave or not.”23

Slavery is accepted and exploited by these predators. Men seek out establishments where women are enslaved for their sadistic sexual violence. One man said,

“The hotel girls are usually younger than most other ‘available’ girls in Bangkok, 14-15 years old being rather common. They are in effect ‘owned’ by the hotel, which means that you can treat them more or less any way you want — and many men do. Hotels like this should be like paradise for those of us who are into S&M [sadomasochism].”24

Although the basis of prostitution is economic exploitation for the pimps, brothel and bar owners, the men who buy the women and girls engage in enslaving them for purposes of sexual gratification and domination. The following selection, from a man’s report on his prostitution tour in Thailand, reveals in his own words, how the women are constrained and forced to perform sex acts for basic survival.

You can go to an island. ...You and a buddy or two go to a beach resort .... and talk to any of the boat owners in the harbor. He agrees to meet you at a specified time the next day. Then you spend the evening storing up on good books, rented scuba gear, frisbees, things like that-and go bar hunting. There are bars, and there will be bar girls, and some of them will agree to join you the next day. Come the next day, your party (two or three guys, five or six girls, perhaps) transfers to the ship and is taken to one of the thousands of small paradise islands off the coast of Thailand. It will be deserted, maybe with a hut or a bungalow, but with no people at all. Then you agree with the skipper to come by every day with fresh food, and to pick you up again in a week. It is a great way of getting both a good tan, a good relaxation, and all your sexual fantasies fulfilled. Last time I did this, we quickly established a house rule that no girl was ever allowed to wear any piece of clothing except her sandals. That, plus our other rule that every girl had to in some appropriate way or another earn her food before every meal, turned the stay in a rather pleasant one.”

The following is another example of a man’s self-report of forcing a prostituted woman to stay with him and submit to sex when she did not want to. He felt entitled to 20 hours of ownership because he paid for that amount of time to the brothel owner. This man is writing about buying a woman in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

“At my last stop I do find a Khmer girl. She’s thin with small breasts and a very attractive girlish figure to go with her cute face. I settle on $15 to have her for the night and until noon the next day. This I make clear with the papasan, but it is apparently not clear with the girl.

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