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Her name is Mao and the two of us take a moto-taxi back to my hotel. I quickly have her undressed, with her attempting to conceal her body within a towel. She turns out to be another okay screw, not especially passionate, and absolutely refuses to let me [perform oral sex.] Her other difficulty is her insistence on watching TV, which I will allow [only as] a tradeoff, if she allows [oral sex]. She has a childish inability to seek compromise, though, instead kicking her feet in a tantrum of sorts, and the TV remains off.

We do manage a shower together to go with the sex, and the next morning we wash each other’s hair and she shaves me. As the morning proceeds, though, her restlessness increases turning at times into tantrums, pouting, and even a few tears. Having already got a read on her early on, I don’t buy any of this, and later on she just as easily allows me another screw with her.

Finally, at a little after 11 am I decide I’ve had enough fun and we both dress to go out. We go outside to hale a moto-taxi and from across the street comes what I guess is one of the mamasams.”

Even from the man’s perspective the woman wants to leave and is resisting, but he feels entitled to temporary ownership for the time he has paid.

Predators Buy Children

Although the average age of prostitutes in many countries is so young that most of it is by definition child sex abuse, the men publish information on newsgroups on where to find very young girls. One man says, that in Bangkok, “there is child prostitution. I have been offered 9-year-olds, and 14-year-olds are not uncommon.” His solution: “If child prostitution turns you off, be careful when you select your girl.25 Another man described which street corners are the best for finding pimps who supply pre-teen girls. He said not to worry if you ask the wrong guy, he will probably just direct you to the right one. One man said:

Outside ______ is the best chance of finding guys selling very young girls - pre-teens. You strike contact with the guy, he asks you to meet him somewhere close in an hour, and he will then bring one or two school girls for you to look over.”26

Another man posted this:

“Quietly, my helper [bar attendant or pimp] suggested that perhaps I would be interested in seeing what was available in one of the special bar areas. What he alluded to made my heart race wildly. He said that in there they had some ‘young ones.’ ... Inside the other room…sat about 12 little girls watching TV. …On a command from my attendant, they all sat back up on the couches and smiled at me, giving me their full

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