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attention. …the youngest at my guess about 12. It was obvious that these young things had not yet matured into ladies… their giggles and squirming quickly gave them away. No dummies either, the establishment had made no attempts to dress them sexy, but rather clothed them in young girl outfits befitting their age. I couldn’t restrain myself! I had to have one of them. I picked out what I took to probably be the oldest one as she was the most attractive to me. My attendant assured me that all of them were suitably trained, by my heart went to this one. Her name was Bii. …As she led me away to the room, I knew I was in for a wild time.”27

He continues with a graphic description of what he did to the girl that is so pornographic and abusive I will not reprint it. It includes many references to her “tiny” mouth and vagina and her “grimace of pain” when he had intercourse with her.

Predators in Strip Clubs

The postings by men who visit strip clubs are posted on newsgroups and web pages. The two largest are the Ultimate Strip Club List and the Grimace Nudie Club Listing. The postings from the newsgroup alt.sex.strip-clubs are archived on a Web site called Grimace Nudie Club Listing. The site was created and is updated by Larry Grim (thereby the name Grimace), a retired US Army Master Sargeant, who claims he works as a Novell Network Administrator. The site includes information and reviews on strip-clubs in Canada, USA, South Asia and Oceania, Australia, Europe, Africa and Mexico and Carribean. As with the World Sex Guide, this site is a man’s etiquette and user’s guide to strip clubs with advice on cover charges and how to act and treat the women. 28

The following are selections from the Grimace Nudie Club Listing which include definitions and examples of the acts the men paid to watch and buy.

Couch Dance “A ‘couch dance’ is when a dancer plops you down on a couch (or a close attempt at a couch) and “dances” in you [sic] face/lap/whatever. It all depends on the club your [sic] at for the value. At the __________ in Mt. Ephrain, New Jersey, the girl is totally nekkid [sic] and puttin’ the shnapper [sic] about 1/2 inch from your face (the whole time trying to get you into a $250 private session) with not much lap grinding (if any). At [club name, Mays Landing, New Jersey] you get a private room in the back with a big couch and the girl in a bikini; you buy off pieces of clothing. This place will give you a decent dry humping,

although it’s not cheap.”29 Shower Dance Shower dancing as done at Club in Colorado _________ Springs, Colorado. The shower is placed around the back of the VIP lounge, so it can’t be seen from the main lounge. It is an open set with mirrored walls; also two showerheads placed on different sides of the stall. There are two “comfy chairs” set at angles from the corners of the stall, and in front are a few rows of tall stools for the usual audience to gather on. The shower dance itself is a variation on the stage dances-the girls dance for two songs, although they are totally nude for both songs. They usually start by covering themselves with shaving cream (often

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