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trying to spell out names, or other effects-one trick of the more playful dancers is to pile the shaving cream on (usually on the ass), and then give themselves a hard spank (as cute as this is to watch, it has the additional effect of spraying shaving cream everywhere!). They then rinse off, and sometimes on the second dance they will lather up with a sponge and dishwashing liquid (something like Lemon Joy, the gold color has a great visual effect poured on naked flesh). As I noted, the shower is big enough for more than one girl, and sometimes on good nights another girl will jump in to help lather up. They can get quite playful at these times too. One shower usually is worth the extra cost of admission (its normally counted as a $25 dance).30

Grim provides statistics on the usage of his Web site. When an Internet user contacts a Web site his/her access is recorded. The Web site owner can count the number of visits to the Web site and compile the number of visits his web site has received. He can also compile the locations or domains of the visitors.31 On a graph Grim plots the number of visits per day for the Grimace Nudie Club site from 20 June 1995 to 22 January 1996. During this six month period his Internet strip-club site was visited an average of 20,000 times per day. During this time period, the peak was in mid-July 1995 when almost 70,000 contacts were made in one day. 32

The Grimace Nudie Club Listing also includes reviews of women in strip clubs or bars and the acts they perform. The Internet provides a communication medium that can be quickly updated and allows men access to specific information from all over the world. The ease of access and detailed information familiarizes and normalizes strip clubs and stripping for readers, thereby promoting the sexual exploitation of women.

Men are encouraged to become amateur pimps by filling out a form provided at the Grimace Nudie Club Listing giving descriptions and reviews of strip clubs they have visited.

Predators with Cameras

Men who buy women and children in prostitution frequently photograph them. Afterwards, the women never know where the photographs have gone, who has access to them, and whether the photographs will be used to blackmail or silence them in the future. For example, a Thai woman found a picture of herself, taken by a man who bought her, on a Web site that advertised prostitution tours.33 In the United States, a man who buys women in Tennessee is documenting his buying experiences and amateur photography on a Web site called StreetWalkerPics.com.34 The following are the captions he included beside pornographic pictures he had taken of two women.

Spice This is Spice. I picked her up on a rather warm night for January 21 1999 in Memphis. In the usual spot on Summer near Lester. We drove around and talked for a minute before she agreed to do a shoot. I paid her more than I should have for this shoot but since I was in a weird

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