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mood and had her fuck a flower she bought at a gas station I didn’t feel to bad about it. I took 82 pics of her. 35

Sharon Meet Sharron of Knoxville Tn. A 33 year old with a fetish for pain. She likes to get burned with cigarettes and beaten by her girlfriend during sex. You can see some of her ‘love scars’ (as she calls them) in her pics. She liked doing the photo shoot and wants to set one up to do with her and her female lover-who is also a hooker. I picked her up on the street beside the hotel in which they live. 36

Predators with Hidden Cameras

Men are using tiny video cameras, hidden everywhere from in a bag dropped near a woman’s feet to the crevices in a dressing room, a bathroom, a shower stall, or even a toilet. The purpose is to look up women’s skirts in public, or peep at women conducting the very private activities of taking a shower or attending to their personal hygiene. The phenomenon is called “up-skirts.” Men, commonly called “peeping Toms,” are using tiny high tech video recorders to tape and view women’s private activities or clothing. Many are also sharing and selling their images and videos on the Internet. More and more “up- skirt” and “peeping tom” pornography Web sites have been appearing on the Internet; by June 1998, at least 40 such sites existed.37 Some of the video recorders are connected to live transmissions to the Internet, so peeping-tom-type-predators can check anytime of the day or night to see if the recorder is capturing an invasion of a girl or woman’s privacy.

The men’s pleasure or satisfaction in viewing women in such private activities is a sense of power over the women by viewing something the women would not want to be seen, especially by total strangers. There is an added thrill for these predators because the women do not know they are being seen and recorded. Some men are motivated by fetishes, or have become desensitized by other types of pornography and are seeking new forms of power, violation and stimulation.

The following is the description from one hidden camera site on the Web.

“This is a specialist site dedicated to secretly filmed pics of women changing, on the toilet, in bedrooms, showers, through windows and in the open air. These are genuine pictures snapped through peepholes, air vents, wardrobe doors or from cameras concealed in bags. They are totally unaware that they have been caught on film.

NEW! 1998!

The best Voyeur site on the net just got better! Incredible LIVE feed from secret cameras in TOILET, CHANGE ROOM.

RESTROOMS: Close ups from behind of woman squatting before peeing/ Woman peeing, all details visible. Side view from underneath partition of woman squatting on ‘turkish’ toilet/ Revealing close up of woman wiping herself after peeing.

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