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UPSKIRTS: Young woman sitting on steps revealing all / Secret picture taken under college dining table / Between legs mini skirt shots taken directly upwards from ground level.

BEDROOMS: Single women robing and disrobing in hotel rooms / Women undressing, to fully naked / Naked woman getting out of bed / Couples filmed having sex in Motel rooms

CHANGING ROOMS: Woman trying on underwear / College girls in the locker room / Swimming pool-ladies communal changing room

SHOWERS: Full frontal shots of women in shower / Woman bending over the bath from behind / Upward shot of woman taken in shower from low level

CHEERLEADERS: High kicking girl revealing more than she thinks / Another high kick, panties slipped right to the side / College girls panties, fully displayed and stretched”38

Because this is a new phenomenon made possible by the new technology of tiny cameras, most states or jurisdictions do not have laws against it. When predators are caught the police are forced to use old laws that were drafted for other purposes. As this new form of crime becomes more widespread, more laws are being drafted to make it a crime and ensure that perpetrators are punished.

New Zealand: David Overend, 36, admitted to nine charges of using a miniature video camera to film up the skirts of women. A pin-hole camera was concealed in his shoe, with a wire running up his pant leg enabled him to view and video tape thousands of women and girls at public events. He traded the images and videos around the world over the Internet. In his emails he claimed to have filmed up the skirts of 2,000 to 4,000 girls and women since 1995. 39

United States: Daniel Laws, Pennsylvania, was arrested when he was caught taking a video camera from a duffel bag and secretly placing it on the floor between the legs of a women shopping in a department store. He was the first person arrested under a new law that made it a crime to secretly watch or photograph anyone nude or partially nude when the person could reasonably expect privacy. 40

United States: In Virginia, police are arresting men under a 1994 law for “unlawful filming, videotaping or photographing of another when there is a reasonable expectation of privacy.” Charles C’Debaca, 45, was caught videotaping a woman at a fair through a hole he cut into his camera bag, which was dangled down around his ankle. When police searched his home they found hundreds of hours of videotapes. He was convicted, but is appealing the decision claiming the law applies to private places, and the Fairfax County Fair, where he was caught, was a public place. 41

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