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He set up his Web site through an account in the US in an attempt to get around the British anti-porn laws. 55

New Zealand: Paul Edward George Benning, a 24-year-old Dunedin student was the first person in New Zealand to be convicted of making pornography available for gain via the Internet. Police found 200 pornographic images on Benning’s computer. He operated on the Internet under the pseudonym Mr. Hell on an inter-relay chat channel called “100 per cent Pre-teen Sex Pics.”56

The Australian National Crime Authority Report states, “As a consequence of recent advances in technology, such as the Internet and computer bulletin boards, networking between paedophiles has become easier, more anonymous, more accessible, less risky and probably more prevalent.” The report also noted the link between child sexual abuse and child pornography: “The correlation between the possession of child pornography and child-sexual abuse provides a strong impetus for law enforcement to comprehensively investigate all child pornography offenders.57

The same report states that police have identified 5,000 pedophiles in loose networks across Australia who sexually abuse children and traffic in child pornography. The report named 100 child-sex abusers and linked them to local and international pedophile organizations, including the Spartacus Club, the Marlin Coasters and The Orchid Club. The report noted that 30,000 girls and 11,000 boys are sexually abused in Australia each year. Many small networks, made-up of two or three pedophiles are known to operate across Australia. The Report found substantial evidence that child sex abusers networked through the Internet, exchanged child pornography, and, in a few cases, used the Internet to locate potential victims. 58

The Australian National Crime Authority Report called for a national intelligence project to investigate pedophile infiltration of the Internet, increase funding for Internet investigations, and police training on computer technology. 59

In Great Britain, from mid-1997 to mid-1998, the Paedophile and Pornography Unit, consisting of ten members based at the Digbeth police station of the West Midlands Police, identified 24 pedophiles trading in child pornography on the Internet. Over half of the offenders were charged, convicted and received sentences ranging from probation to two years imprisonment. The others were cautioned. In the first 6 months of 1998, they made 19 separate seizures of child pornography, mostly photographs and videos. 60

Many sexual predators collect pornography and when possible, take pictures of themselves in the act of sexually abusing women and children. “It is now common practice for those who habitually sexually abuse children to film themselves in the act.” The videos of the abuse “presumably bring even more immediate memories and arousal” than photographs. 61

Romania: Predators travel to Romania to stalk the 100,000 abandoned or orphaned children, 2,500 of whom live on the streets of Bucharest. Poor and desperate, some children are exploited for very little money, or even a pack of cigarettes. George Roman, from Save the Children in Romania, searches for pedophiles and assists the police when possible. He has found pornographic pictures of boys he recognizes from Romania on the Internet. 62

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