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Australians a year visit Angeles City, a center for prostitution surrounding the former Clark US Air Force base in the Philippines.150 According to observers from non- governmental organizations in the Philippines, the prostitution tourists rarely distinguish between women and underage girls when buying them for prostitution, resulting in the sexual abuse of girl-children as well as adult women.

The following are the details from a few of the prostitution tour agents who advertise on the Internet.

Alan J. Munn and Pimps ‘R’ Us

In 1995 Alan J. Munn in New York City, USA, made an early appearance on the web with advertisements for prostitution tours to the Dominican Republic and Nevada. Calling himself PIMPS ‘R’ US, he offered four days and three nights to the Dominican Republic in a “wonderful setting” which includes “many female prostitutes.” A tour guide on the trip provided “practical information about how to find and deal with prostitutes and how to arrange group orgies.” On one night, courtesy of the tour, “oral sex (fellatio) is provided by an attractive female whore chosen by the tour guide.” Participants are also given PIMPS ‘R’ US baseball caps. 151

PIMPS ‘R’ US also arranged group tours to legal brothels in Nevada. Alan J. Munn provided information on “prevailing prices, what influences how much whores charge, and reputations of the various whorehouses.” The package price included “round trip transportation from the hotel to one whorehouse daily for a total of four different whorehouses chosen by the tour guide” 152

Fiesta! A Tropical Paradise Vacation

Fiesta tours offered a “tropical paradise vacation in Costa Rica.” Prostitution tourists can choose from five programs, each represented by a picture of a woman. The shortest tour was the Amber that included six nights and five days for US$1375; the longest tour was the Emerald that includes 20 nights and 19 days for US$1975. Both fees included the cost of double occupancy rooms and in-country flights, booked for two. Prospective buyers were told that “Your companion [a euphemism for the woman he has bought] will meet you at your hotel...” If the tourist chose a longer tour, his “companion” was changed half way through the trip, so the man got to buy two women in the longer prostitution tours. 153

The Diamond Market, Pakistan

Even pimps from Pakistan have moved to the Web. In early 1998, a Pakistani group exposed a pimp who was advertising on the Web. The Web site claimed a new brothel had opened in Iqbal Town, Lahore, Pakistan and the address was listed. If the viewer wanted more information, or wanted to arrange a tour to Hira Mundi, he could contact Mr. Malik by email. 154

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